Today's Training (Tuesday, March 17, 2015)

Still recovering from being sick with a nasty respiratory thing.  Thank you for essential oils!!

Warm-up, including shoulder rolls, various mobility exercises, arm bars and cossack.

Five Rounds

Australian Pull-ups – 5

Military Press – 5/5 14kg bell

Hanging knee raises, first 3 rounds 15, last 2 rounds 20 reps


Five rounds

5/5 snatch (14 kg)

10 jumping jacks


felt pretty good.  Can still feel a little bit of the forearm tendonitis.  Was a little worried about putting both the pull-ups and presses in, but will see after a rest how it feels tomorrow.

Am I Being Told Something?

Today I am sick.  I was up almost half the night coughing.  I actually have been feeling like crap all week.  At first I thought it was allergies, but then it all went to my chest.  I was also sick last Monday.  I feel terrible that I have had to cancel all my appointments for the last two Mondays.  I rarely get sick and it seems like this past few months I have been more sick than normal.  Is someone trying to tell me something?  Do I need to slow down?  I don’t really feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Let’s put this into perspective.  My weekly schedule is very hectic.  I work an average of 14 hours per day Monday through Thursday and approximately 8 or 9 on Fridays.  Then on the weekends I am constantly doing things for my businesses.  Sunday should be a day of rest, but that is usually pretty busy as well with meal prep, programming workouts for the following week and laundry and normal household chores.

How long can I keep up the pace.  I have been doing this for over three years.  Maybe it’s a sign.  Maybe I need to slow it down a little, or figure our a different model.  Things to ponder, as I sit here coughing.

Things that have helped:  doTerra essential oils, water, tea and rest.