About Me




Hi, I am Peggie Larsen, I help “middle-aged” women take back their bodies and their lives by showing them how to eat, not what to eat. I provide a lifestyle fix, not a quick fix. I don’t believe in perfect. Perfect is an illusion. I believe age is just an idea.

I help you navigate the world of nutrition and fitness. I don’t believe in dieting. I believe in eating the foods you love and integrating them into your life, as well as helping you lose fat and become healthier and more comfortable in your own skin.

I love to help anyone reach their full potential and believe in themselves. I’ve done it myself. I’ve walked the walk and done the things I needed to better my health. I am thriving in my 50s with no excuses.

I also love cooking, hanging out with family and friends. I love coffee and tattoos. Who doesn’t, right? I believe in balance. Balance your life and everything else falls into place.