Sooooo Happy To See You Friday

Today is a planned rest day, as I will be spending six hours tomorrow rolling, rocking, hand standing, push upping, crawling and squatting.  So looking forward to this second annual bodyweight workshop with the incomparable, witty, full of golden nuggets of information, Aleks Salkin–The Hebrew Hammer or (Jew Hammer).  Aleks is an amazing person and mentor.  I just love him.  I will report this weekend how everything went.


Today's Training (April 16, 2015) and Just Hanging Around

Today’s Training  – I am writing what my plan is for today’s training.  Usually I write it as I am working out, but today I won’t be working out until later.  So this is what I have planned:

Five Rounds

KB Deadlifts – double bells – 10 S-L-O-W and strict

Handstand Hold – facing the wall – 30 seconds

Hanging from the bar – 1 minute


Swings –

jump rope



Five to ten rounds – need to see how it feels.

And now for “Just Hanging Around”

Hanging is a great exercise.  Remember as a kid how you would play on the monkey bars and never get tired?  Try that now.  Ummmm, yeah.  Not so easy anymore, huh?  People do not realize how much it takes to be able to just hang on a bar.  Seriously.  Go try it.  I have incorporated hanging work in my program.  Mostly hanging knee raises and hanging leg raises.  I plan to start with more passive hanging and work my way to one arm hangs.  The following is from Ido Portal’s blog regarding hanging and what great benefits a person can derive from “just hanging around.” Full blog post can be seen at

I am going to start with the passive hanging, which is described as follows:  If I have no problems with the passive hangs, I will stick there, otherwise I will be retracting the scaps and starting with the active hang.

Passive Hanging – relaxed, deactivated, targets more of the passive structural integrity components than the more ‘muscular heavy’ hangs. It is where more often than not we will start with a beginner. (certain issues with shoulder health and integrity might require we start with active hangs for example).

I then plan to move on to Active hanging and finally Dynamic Hanging

2. Active Hanging – selective activation of the pattern, engaging musculature and minimizing the demands on passive structural integrity while maximizing the active-component demand and adaptation. Active hangs are a type of strength work. More specifically – Straight Arm Scapular Strength.

3. Dynamic Hanging – the use of a combination of passive/active hangs AND momentum to initiate a variety of dynamic actions such as Brachiation, Swinging, dynamic release and catch (Lache for example) and more.

The many benefits of hanging work.

Benefits of Hanging work:

1. Shoulder/elbow/wrist health and the recovery of the lost ‘overhead reach’ range – promoting optimal range and making use of the upper body as it was designed to be used. By simply allowing gravity to ‘do its thing’ in the passive work or “fighting it” in the active work – one can send a very intense adaptation producing signal into one’s structure.

2. Lead up to pulling work, climbing and more advanced patterns. Hanging sits at the base of those patterns, just like standing does for walking. A deficiency in hanging work will become evident at a certain stage – some get stuck early unable to develop even a single chin up. (very common female problem)

3. Active hang work is especially important tool in certain advanced phases and scenarios – as a plateau breaker for advanced pullers approaching the One Arm Chin Up for example.

4. Grip Strength and Grip Endurance. If you cant grip it – you cant manipulate it/yourself. We have grown weaker all over due to the lack in physical demands in our daily lives. Grip is no different.




This is a picture of Amy Lynn Cheek posted on Beth Andrews’ Facebook Page.  Beth is a great coach and a Senior RKC Kettlebell Instructor from Georgia.  In my opinion, Amy is the epitome of strength and beauty.  This picture speaks volumes.  Unreal!!

Happy Tax Day and Day 3 of Buckling Down

Today is a rest day for me.  Will feel good.  My arms are fatigued from yesterday’s workout.

Hope you all got your taxes done!

Today is day 3 of the buckling down with the eating.  So far, so good.  I always feel so much better when I clean it up.  I do hate the term “clean eating” though.  It drives me right up a wall.  I don’t know why, it just does.  Why does eating have to be described.  Hard not to.  We do it all the time.  Crap eating, healthy eating, Whole30 eating, paleo eating.  I don’t know…sometimes it just all irritates me.  I just want to eat to support my activity level and make sure I eat nutritious meals.  I try to eat whole foods, non-processed foods and food I know will fuel my body.  So there you have it.  My take on food. 

 yesterday’s dinner mmmmmmm


Today's Training and I get Pure Bliss Lunch

Today’s Training

Four Rounds

Chin up – 2

TGU – 1/1

Swings  (heavy) – 15

Hanging leg raises (toes to bar)- 3

Finish  Holy Hell

5 burpees (true)

10 BW squats

4 burpees

10 box jumps

3 burpees

10 squats

2  burpees

10 box jumps

1 burpee

Ran out of time, but wanted to go back up the pyramid.  Lungs are on FIRE!!  LOVE!!!

stretch and vitamin C powder.

Pure Bliss Lunch – thanks Laura Eggebraaten!!

I get to eat this from Pure Bliss Cupcake Company.  Follow her Facebook for daily lunch specials.  She does Paleo, which is completely awesome!


Chopped spinach, chicken, salad with homemade paleo ranch dressing.  Yummy in my tummy!

Today's Training (April 13, 2015) and This Is Not The Norm

Today’s Training

5 rounds

Suitcase DL to Reverse Lunge 5/5

Swings – 10

3 Rounds

Handstand hold – 30 seconds

bells above chest leg raises – 15

Reverse hip lift – 10



Three rounds

Swings – 2 hand, 1 hand right, 2 hand, 1 hand left – 30/15  the vid is of the last round. I got a little confused, but once I got the rhythm down it was okay.  So it was a two hand swing, then 1, then 2, then 1 and so on. This was a 40# bell.


When I am training for a certification, I work out usually 5 times a week, making sure to get plenty of rest and to eat well.  When I am not training for an event, three to four workouts a week is sufficient for me.  I do not like to kill myself.  I don’t want to wear out my body.  The trick is smart, efficient training; not to kill myself each and every workout.  That is just plain ridiculous.  Anybody can do that.  I prefer to train safe and smart and I do that with my clients as well.  Movement and technique before load.

Seeing Where I'm At and Time to Buckle Down

Today I am testing out the Century Test I have to do for the PCC next month. 40 squats 30 pushups 20 hanging knee raises 10 pull ups I have been psyching myself out and have been a little afraid of the test and finally decided to just shut up and quit worrying about it and try it.  Less than five minutes.  Very good.  Very much within passing standards.  Although it will be much different at the cert.  We will have been working on stuff all day and then the test will be after a full day of bodyweight work.  The body and brain will be fried.  I feel way more confident now though and know I can do it. dannyandal TIME TO BUCKLE DOWN Time to get serious about my eating.  No crap until after PCC. I am going to be very cognizant of what I am eating.  I am eliminating any snacking and make sure my meals are very satisfying and nutritious.  I might keep track of calories although I hate doing that, but I want to lose some body fat and some lbs.  Plan on cranking up the kettlebell swings and jump rope at the end of my workouts.  Obviously things will be much easier the less I weigh.  Time to kick it in the ass!  Excited!!

Bootcamp, Swings And Things, Soakin' Up Some Sun and Today's Training

This morning the bootcampers did awesome for the Suck It Up Saturday Session.  They hung in there and kicked it’s ass.  Lots of red faces at the end.  Fine tuning those swings.  Nice Job Robin, Heather, Alisia, Rebecca, Amanda, Heather and Larissa.

Next came Swings And Things session with the veterans.  They killed it as well.  We hit the stations.  Two exercises at each station, 1 minute total.  We had a total of 10 stations and ran through twice.  Then we had a particularly nasty finisher.  Kicking Butt!!!!  Nice job Cara, Meredith, Mary, Heather, Diana, Kristin and Melissa.  Nice job ladies.  Because of all of you I absolutely love what I do.

Since it was such a beautiful day I had to soak up some Vitamin D – and it felt great.  My theory on the sun…don’t put a bunch of chemicals in your body or on your body and the sun won’t bake them into you.  I use coconut oil for sunscreen and don’t hang out for hours in the sun.

Today’s Training

Bar Deadlifts

135 – 5 reps

145 – 5 reps

155 – 5 reps

165-  3 reps

175 – 2 reps

180 – 1 rep


jump rope




three rounds


followed by Vitamin C Powder

License To Eat

Today wasn’t going to be a rest day, but it ended up being that way and I’m fine with that.  I went to Rapid for a skin check appointment and got back a little while ago, so am just going to relax and catch up on some computer work and client stuff.

Anyway…do any of you feel that when you hop in the car to go somewhere, even a short trip like Rapid, you feel like you can eat whatever the hell you want? It is really strange, but it seems like once you are in the car, shit food is free game and becomes a free for all.  Candy bars, M&Ms, crappy gas station burritos, popcorn, chips, etc., not to mention disgusting sweet  drinks or pop. Well I am sick of doing that. I always feel like crap when I step out of the car and all those wrappers fall out.  Just kidding, I meant physically feeling like crap.  So, my morning started with coffee and a Factor 75 breakfast.  I felt satisfied.  I stopped at Target and Scheels before my appointment and after, went to Safeway.  I was determined I was not going to grab a bunch of shit food.  I got big fat olives and artichokes from the olive bar and a brussels sprout apple salad from the deli.  This salad, by the way, was really good.  I also got some really good organic juice blend things that ended up tasting really great too.  Last was macadamia nuts, but didn’t touch those.  Even though those are healthy, I am sure I would have mindlessly eaten at least half the container while cruising down the road at 80.  Another thing that works great is to drink a bunch of water; it helps the boredom of driving and keeps a person hydrated and less likely to over eat.  So does the radio, cranked up loud.  Like this song.  Cranked this sucker WAY up.

So, next time you travel, what do you plan to do?

Here is the drink I found:


Today's Training and I Love Food

Today’s Training

6 rounds

All bodyweight

10 squats (ass to grass)

10 pushups

10 hanging knee raise

5 to 10 Aussie pullups


3 rounds

Overhead walk -right – 2 passes 

Overhead walk -left 2 passes. 20 kg bell that was TOUGH

Swings – 15 – 24kg bell

As I sit here writing this I can feel my stomach growling. I am so hungry. I love food. I especially love food that I know is good for me, such as my breakfast this morning. A big fat egg muffin filled with spinach and peppers and a piece of sausage. Delicious!! I admit it…I really do love food. I’m sure I’m not the only one. 


Rotate Your Tires

I was listening to a podcast the other night.  The guest was Will Chung. He and the host were talking about movement, working out, correctional exercises, everything along those lines and how to apply those things to bodybuilding (which was what that hat specific podcast was addressing).

One phrase that just stuck with me and which I could not stop thinking about was “rotate your tires.”  I just could not get it out of my mind.  I mean, seriously, what a concept.  I would hope that you rotate your tires on your car to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your tires and on your car.  So, as we apply that to ourselves, I mean, holy crap, what a concept!  Right?  Think about it, good movement patterns, moving with purpose, not keying in on one body part or one area of the body, and just expressing the art of you.  Such a great phrase. I absolutely love it.

I like to do that in my own training. I change things up a lot. I try not to focus on one area. I want full body work and fully body mobility and movement patterns. I want to be able to move without pain. I want to be able to function without pain. I want to be able to express myself.

So, change it up. Practice movement. Rotate YOUR tires.