Last Update for WTF Hormones.

This is the last update in my series of updates on my adventures with hormones. I am happy to say that the menopause symptoms are still staying away. It is weird that even though I had a uterine ablation, I can still feel things. What I mean by that is I can tell when I ovulate and when things are kind of PMS-y. Over Christmas I ended up with some low back pain, which to me felt like PMS stuff going on. Well, turns out I actually had a period. That has not happened but one other time since the surgery. I do know that the doc could not get the whole uterus taken care of during the ablation so it was possible that I might have a period once in a while.

Overall, I am happy with the progress I have made in this little experiment called body awareness, nutrition, workouts and basically a science experiment on myself. There are still some things I want to fine tune, but that is for another blog…


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