Thunderbird Real Food Bar – REVIEW


I am always looking for new products to try. I came across the Thunderbird bars on the Paleo FX page on Facebook. I think it actually popped up on my page, or I saw a picture of them and was instantly intrigued.

A little bit about the Thunderbird company (taken from their website):

Founded and still made in Austin, TX by endurance athletes who wanted real food for pure energy, but made for anyone looking for a great tasting and truly healthy alternative to “energy” bars. We start by making sure our bars taste great by using only 100% all-natural, simple and certified ingredients and then ensure we stand out by not adding a drop of sugar to provide clean, pure, real food energy for life.

Thunderbird Real Food Bars specializes in creating epic tasting whole food energy bars. Containing uniquely pure and highly powerful ingredients, Thunderbird bars provide consumers with conveniently packaged, nutrient dense, plant-based goodness. Each bar is made using the finest and freshest available whole foods that earth has to offer.

Now a few very cool things about these bars. They are certified gluten free, grain free, soy free, dairy free, vegan and most important, they do not add any sugar. I love this. So many of the “healthy” food bars add sugar, or artificial sweeteners or are full of disgusting bad for your body chemicals. Not these. 100 percent delicious. Calories average 145 to 165 – sweet!


The flavor options are amazing.

Cashew+Fig+Carrot is my favorite. It brings back childhood memories of Fig Newtons. I ate those all the time as a kid. These taste just like that! They are soft and chewy and so full of flavor. I love them.

Cherry+Walnut+Cinnamon – Delicious. The flavors are not at all overpowering. Nice and subtle.

Almond+Apricot+Vanilla – I am eating this one right now. So good.

Pineapple+Mango+Papaya – This one is a client favorite (it is my second favorite). This one just bursts with flavor. Who doesn’t like pineapple, mango or papaya. Seriously delicious!!

Lemon+Cashew+Apricot – So good. I love lemon!

They also have nut and seed bars. I have not tried any of those.

I will definitely be keeping these bars in stock. They are great after a tough workout or a quick snack on the go.

Thanks so much Thunderbird Real Food Bar for making some awesome quality, great tasting bars.

If you want to order go to You won’t regret it!