I will be starting week 5 of my hormone journey. In four weeks I lost 5 pounds and have started to feel less tired, less bitchy and overall pretty great. If you remember from my last post I am eating foods that are anti-estrogenic, along with certain supplements that can help to balance the hormones. So, for a repeat, lots of leafy greens, berries, grapefruit, some rice and sweet potatoes and a lot of lean proteins. Also avocado and nuts and seeds. Supplementing with Vitamin C, Vitamin D and fish oil (when I remember to take it). I also hit the probiotics once in a while, but need to get more consistent with those.

I did pretty well with diet this last month. I have noticed that coffee and wine intensifies hot flashes. Well, I’m not giving up coffee. I will give up wine for a while and see how that affects the hot flashes. Sleep is getting so much better. I have been meditating before bed and that seems to really help relax me, which in turn induces the sleep. I have been dreaming a lot, so that tells me I am getting some good deep sleep.

Regarding workouts, I have intensified them. I can tell a difference. I still feel strong and do not feel that I am overtraining or losing strength, so will keep up with those.

The next month I plan to tighten up on the eating more, continue the workouts and continue to keep getting quality sleep.



Until next time…