I Was Wrong. Two And One Half Weeks to PCC – Today's Training

HOLY SHIT – I thought it was 3.5 weeks to PCC, but I was wrong.  It is 2.5 weeks to PCC.  Eek!!!

Today’s Training

20 – squats

20 – push ups

20 – hanging knee raise

10 – Aussie pull ups (forearm hurts) Round 1, Rounds, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were 5 pullups

I might die.  I have zilch energy today!!!


10 hip thrusters

10 heavy swings

1 round


Three And A Half Weeks To PCC And I've HIt A Wall and Exciting Things To Come

Yep, I do not feel like training at all.  This is not good.  I have 3.5 weeks to go to PCC and I feel like I’ve hit the wall.  Not sure what my problem is.  Lots of stuff going on I guess.  My arm hurts again.  I tried a pull up last week and seemed to have tweaked it a little.  Chin-ups are fine.  Pull-ups are out.  Sucks.  My hamstring/glute issue continues to bother me.  Not debilitating, just irritating.  I need to get it taken care of though.  I need to find a way to break down the pain and loss of range of motion.  I feel it will happen soon.

I am ready to not HAVE to train.  I am ready to listen to my body and do what feels right.  If I want to lift heavy like a mo-fo one day, I’m going to.  If I feel like swinging like crazy one day, I’m going to.  If I feel like doing nothing one day, I’m going to.

On a brighter note…I have some good things planned in the future and hope they work out.

Have you heard of these guys?  Brothers Osborne?  Very Cool.  Love Them.

Bootcamp Grad Workout, Sneak Peek, and Today's Training

The five week bootcamp is finishing up.  One session left.  Today was measuring and pics and results will be revealed Monday. Had some amazing results.  Can’t wait to share with the ladies.

Today was the “grad workout.”  The hard as hell, I hate your guts, you suck, deck of cards workout.  I change it up a lot, but this is how this one went.

Two decks of cards, 9s and 10s removed.  Aces equals 1.  Jacks -20 jumping jacks; Queens – 30 fast feet (she was a bitch today.  Made multiple back to back appearances); King – 40 marches and the dreaded Joker was a 45 second wall sit.  Hearts -double the digit swings; spades – lat rows; diamonds -goblet squats and clubs -presses.  We went 30 minutes.  The ladies did great.  They will receive their bootcamp t-shirts on Monday.  They turned out amazing.  Here is a peek.


Today’s Training


It is dance recital weekend.  Hitting it hard tomorrow.

Today's Training and The Peeper

So, I am gearing up for my workout and notice a strange guy sitting in a van out in front of my studio. He is one of the workers from upstairs and has smoked at least three cigs in the last 15 minutes. I also noticed two more men making use of the bench out front and the steps. Handstands and chin ups on the agenda means I will be right by the front door. After round 1, I can still feel the eyes. Moving on. I don’t have time to waste. Fricking peepers!!

Today’s training

5 rounds

Handstand hold – 30 seconds

Chin-up – 1

Goblet squat – 3


3 rounds

Burpee box jump -5  (true burpee)

Jump rope – 45 seconds

Wanted 5 rounds of this but was distracted by the peeper 🙁 

Today's Training (April 21, 2015), a Sick Kid and Happy Birthday Dad

Today’s training is just getting underway.  It’s only 6:35 p.m.  Tayler is extremely sick so I stayed home with her today.  Not sure if she has the flu or what.  Treating her with DoTerra essential oils, lots of flu bombs, On Guard Plus, and peppermint for the fever.  Perfect timing.  Dance recital is this weekend.

Today is my Dad’s birthday.  On June 3, 2015, it will be 15 years since he died.  He would have been 75 years old today.  I can still vividly remember the last time I saw him.  Tayler was almost 10 months old and he and mom were over for supper.  He sat at the counter just holding her.  He was a great grandpa and dearly loved his grandkids.  I remember he kept saying he didn’t feel well and was just tired and wanted to go home.  That was the last time I saw him.  We got the call the next morning that he had died.  They figured he died as soon as he went to bed.  Exactly how he wanted to go.  No lingering in pain for him.  Thank you God.  I miss his sense of humor.  I miss him saying my name.  I can still hear his voice saying, “Peg Leg Jones come rattle your bones.”  I just miss him.


Today’s Training


135 – 5 reps

145 – 5 reps

155 – 3 reps

165 – 2 reps

170 – 2 reps

175  – 1 rep

180 – 1 rep



dead bug variations


I went to a bodyweight exercise workshop on Saturday in Sioux Falls, hosted by Results Personal Training and presented by Aleks Salkin.  I wanted to do this in order to help me prepare for PCC in May, about 4 weeks out.  I left my house about 6 a.m. and spent six hours, crawling, doing push ups, chin ups, handstands, pistols, etc.  All bodyweight exercises and the progressions of each one.  Progressions are the most important thing to learn, in my opinion.  The day was great and I learned a lot.  Took the day off from training today, as my body is tired.  I just want to sleep.  Anyway… here are a few pics from the day.

11159456_10153214715654687_8526382012504681935_n 11156309_10153214714079687_4107728899177589742_n 11159551_10153214713794687_4741988849318947988_n

My bridge felt great!!

Sooooo Happy To See You Friday

Today is a planned rest day, as I will be spending six hours tomorrow rolling, rocking, hand standing, push upping, crawling and squatting.  So looking forward to this second annual bodyweight workshop with the incomparable, witty, full of golden nuggets of information, Aleks Salkin–The Hebrew Hammer or (Jew Hammer).  Aleks is an amazing person and mentor.  I just love him.  I will report this weekend how everything went.


Today's Training (April 16, 2015) and Just Hanging Around

Today’s Training  – I am writing what my plan is for today’s training.  Usually I write it as I am working out, but today I won’t be working out until later.  So this is what I have planned:

Five Rounds

KB Deadlifts – double bells – 10 S-L-O-W and strict

Handstand Hold – facing the wall – 30 seconds

Hanging from the bar – 1 minute


Swings –

jump rope



Five to ten rounds – need to see how it feels.

And now for “Just Hanging Around”

Hanging is a great exercise.  Remember as a kid how you would play on the monkey bars and never get tired?  Try that now.  Ummmm, yeah.  Not so easy anymore, huh?  People do not realize how much it takes to be able to just hang on a bar.  Seriously.  Go try it.  I have incorporated hanging work in my program.  Mostly hanging knee raises and hanging leg raises.  I plan to start with more passive hanging and work my way to one arm hangs.  The following is from Ido Portal’s blog regarding hanging and what great benefits a person can derive from “just hanging around.” Full blog post can be seen at http://www.idoportal.com/blog/hanging

I am going to start with the passive hanging, which is described as follows:  If I have no problems with the passive hangs, I will stick there, otherwise I will be retracting the scaps and starting with the active hang.

Passive Hanging – relaxed, deactivated, targets more of the passive structural integrity components than the more ‘muscular heavy’ hangs. It is where more often than not we will start with a beginner. (certain issues with shoulder health and integrity might require we start with active hangs for example).

I then plan to move on to Active hanging and finally Dynamic Hanging

2. Active Hanging – selective activation of the pattern, engaging musculature and minimizing the demands on passive structural integrity while maximizing the active-component demand and adaptation. Active hangs are a type of strength work. More specifically – Straight Arm Scapular Strength.

3. Dynamic Hanging – the use of a combination of passive/active hangs AND momentum to initiate a variety of dynamic actions such as Brachiation, Swinging, dynamic release and catch (Lache for example) and more.

The many benefits of hanging work.

Benefits of Hanging work:

1. Shoulder/elbow/wrist health and the recovery of the lost ‘overhead reach’ range – promoting optimal range and making use of the upper body as it was designed to be used. By simply allowing gravity to ‘do its thing’ in the passive work or “fighting it” in the active work – one can send a very intense adaptation producing signal into one’s structure.

2. Lead up to pulling work, climbing and more advanced patterns. Hanging sits at the base of those patterns, just like standing does for walking. A deficiency in hanging work will become evident at a certain stage – some get stuck early unable to develop even a single chin up. (very common female problem)

3. Active hang work is especially important tool in certain advanced phases and scenarios – as a plateau breaker for advanced pullers approaching the One Arm Chin Up for example.

4. Grip Strength and Grip Endurance. If you cant grip it – you cant manipulate it/yourself. We have grown weaker all over due to the lack in physical demands in our daily lives. Grip is no different.




This is a picture of Amy Lynn Cheek posted on Beth Andrews’ Facebook Page.  Beth is a great coach and a Senior RKC Kettlebell Instructor from Georgia.  In my opinion, Amy is the epitome of strength and beauty.  This picture speaks volumes.  Unreal!!

Happy Tax Day and Day 3 of Buckling Down

Today is a rest day for me.  Will feel good.  My arms are fatigued from yesterday’s workout.

Hope you all got your taxes done!

Today is day 3 of the buckling down with the eating.  So far, so good.  I always feel so much better when I clean it up.  I do hate the term “clean eating” though.  It drives me right up a wall.  I don’t know why, it just does.  Why does eating have to be described.  Hard not to.  We do it all the time.  Crap eating, healthy eating, Whole30 eating, paleo eating.  I don’t know…sometimes it just all irritates me.  I just want to eat to support my activity level and make sure I eat nutritious meals.  I try to eat whole foods, non-processed foods and food I know will fuel my body.  So there you have it.  My take on food. 

 yesterday’s dinner mmmmmmm