Bloganuary – “What is the earliest memory you have?”

This prompt is a good one.

When I was little we lived in Hurley, SD. We moved to Pierre when I started Kindergarten.

I played with my cousins all the time. My earliest memory is when I was probably around 4. There was a giant tree that had a platform quasi tree house in it. I wanted to be up there so badly. There were pieces of wood pounded into the tree trunk in order to climb up it. The steps.

It seemed like everyone could get up there except me. I was determined. I was going to climb that tree. So, I did.

One day, while wearing a dress with a pattern of anchors, I climbed that tree. The whole dress thing confuses me. I was such a tom boy that I can’t believe I was wearing a dress, but that’s the way the memory is forming. But the anchors apparently helped.

I climbed that tree. I was scared! I got about half way up and looked down. I was scared. But I couldn’t stop. I wanted to see what was up there. Finally. I could see EVERYTHING. It was amazing.

Now what? I couldn’t get down. I was scared. I ended up wetting my pants. And that’s the last I remember.