Today's Training and a Little Reminiscing

Today’s Training

warm up, including crawling

Five rounds

1 – chin up

15 sec. – cross legged hold on the parallettes

10/10 – 1 hand swings – 16kg


Jump rope – 1 minute

10 swings – 24kg

10 Kettlebell crunches

Jump rope – 45 seconds

15 swings – 24kg

10 kettlebell crunches

Jump rope – 30 seconds

20 swings – 24kg

10 kettlebell crunches

stretch including cossack and bridges


I was talking to a few clients this morning about being a kid and how active my younger sister, my older brother and me were, but mostly about what brats we were.  We scared a lot of people.  I remember that we lived on the main drag growing up, Euclid Avenue.  This was two lanes up and two lanes down.  It was a very busy street.  The thing to do was to drive up and down Euclid for hours. We; however, were not old enough to drive.  We were approximately 7, 8 and 9 years old.  (Right? What were our parents thinking).  Anyway, my sister and I thought it would be cool to run out in front of traffic and see how close we could get to the cars.  Obviously, we had death wishes.  The looks on some of those poor people’s faces.  Wow.  We also used to climb trees all the time.  We must have driven the babysitter crazy.  She would pay us to come down from the trees.  Now that I think about it, we had a lot of different babysitters.  I remember one time my brother and I climbed on the roof of a neighbor’s house.  The house had a separate drop down porch.  Well, we were too short to climb back up to the main roof of the house.  I helped my brother and he left me.  I had to jump off the porch roof.  At least I didn’t get hurt.  Anyway…I loved my time as an active kid and am thankful that I lived to be active adult.

This post came about because of a meme I saw on Facebook yesterday.

or play in traffic

Today's Training (March 23, 2015) …boy problems persist

Warm up, including wrist, knees, ankles, etc.

Five Rounds

Handstand hold – 30 seconds

Goblet squats 5 – 53#

Five Rounds

Lat row – 5/5 – strict form 26#

Stationary lunges – 5/5  2 – 26# bells

Finish Five Rounds

10 swings – 44#

10 box jumps – knee high

jump rope – 30 seconds

stretch – followed by Vitamin C Powder

Sweaty, sweaty.

Boy problems persist.  Glad I’m not 15 again.

Today's Training, New Flavor Water Kefir and Boy Drama for the girl

Today’s training.

Phase 1

Farmer’s Walk – 40 yards, 2 16 kg bells

10 swings – 24 kg bell (53#)

Farmer’s walk – 40 yards – 2 20 kg bells

10 swings – 28 kg

Farmer’s walk – 40 yards 1 20kg and 1 24 kg (didn’t have two 53s at the house, so switched halfway)

10 swings – 32 kg  (Hello 70 pounder, you felt easy)

Phase 2 – All swings with the 24 kg bell

10 swings, 5 burpees (true burps for all sets), 5 jump squats

10 swings, 4 burpees, 5 jump squats

10 swings, 3 burpees, 5 jump squats

10 swings, 2 burpees, 5 jump squats

10 swings, 1 burpee. 5 jump squats


holy lung burner !!!!

stretch –

Water Kefir

The next batch of water kefir will be mango peach.  Very excited for this flavor.  The last batch of blueberry pomegranate was delicious.  It should be ready late Monday or early Tuesday.

Boy Drama

Spent over 8 hours in the car yesterday with my daughter.  I listened to all the drama that is boys for a 15 year old.  I gave her the best advice I could.  I think back of how hard it was being  a teenager.  We had it easy back then.  I feel sorry for kids with all the social media and thinking and acting like they are much older than their years.  I wish kids would say what they mean and mean what they say.  Bottom line, I told her be herself, don’t let anyone try to change her, be proud of who she is, stay true to herself and most  of all don’t take any crap from anyone.

Today's Training (March 19, 2015)

Warm up – shoulder rolls, wrists, ankles, etc.

Five rounds

5 – BB Deadlifts – 135

3 – Goblet Squat – 24kg

20 second handstand hold against wall


20kg bell

20 – swings

5 – jump squats

15  – swings

10 – jump squats

5 – swings

15 – jump squats

stretch – followed by high powered powdered vitamin C and the ham, egg, kale asparagus I had last night

ps – water kefir did not explode today.  Not quite ready yet, so will leave for about 12-24 more hours.

Today's Training (Tuesday, March 17, 2015)

Still recovering from being sick with a nasty respiratory thing.  Thank you for essential oils!!

Warm-up, including shoulder rolls, various mobility exercises, arm bars and cossack.

Five Rounds

Australian Pull-ups – 5

Military Press – 5/5 14kg bell

Hanging knee raises, first 3 rounds 15, last 2 rounds 20 reps


Five rounds

5/5 snatch (14 kg)

10 jumping jacks


felt pretty good.  Can still feel a little bit of the forearm tendonitis.  Was a little worried about putting both the pull-ups and presses in, but will see after a rest how it feels tomorrow.