Simple But Not Easy, Today's Training and Hello Turkey

The Bootcampers found out today that simple is not easy.  After a thorough warmup we did a stack workout.  Start with one exercise, rest, then we do two exercies, rest, then three, etc, up to five exercises.  We did one section that was kettlebells, one section bodyweight and one section mixed.  Simple, quick, NOT easy.  They did a great job.


My workout today is deadlifts.  Seeing how heavy I can get.  I like to do over over with the grip.  Just feels weird to me to do over under.  I will see how heavy I can get before I have to switch.  Here’s how it went down:


135 – 5 reps

145 – 3 reps

155 – 2 reps

165 – 1 rep

170 – 1 rep

175 – 1 rep

180 – 1 rep (grip starting to fail)

185 – 1 rep (over under grip) feels weird

190 – three failed attempts (man, I wanted that).  The pic is 190 on the bar.  Something to shoot for!


Three rounds

20 – hanging knee raises

10 – kettlebell swings (62#)

my grip was shot

Hello Turkey

This was what I saw on my way to the studio this morning!  They didn’t care that cars were coming.  Taking their sweet time walking across the highway.  Funny.


Watch for a review of the Factor 75 meals in tomorrow’s blog!

So Very True And Patience Truly Is A Virtue

So today, Tayler wanted me to show her how to box.  They say you should never train your family members.  No kidding.  Our session lasted about an hour.  We went over the basics and a few punches.  She got frustrated because she couldn’t do it right away.  Typical.  I told her it’s called practice.  I told her she couldn’t expect to know how to do it right away.  Just as in life, nothing worth having comes easy.  So after she quit pouting about the punching I put her through a baby circuit.  Seriously, four things, not difficult. 1-2 punches on the bag, jumping jacks, wall sit with punching and plank.  Nothing against her, but I was very surprised that she had a hard time getting through it.  It was only 30 seconds of each exercise, twice through.  I also gave her a hard time with what she considered jumping jacks.  I definitely need to start working more with her.

We then discussed boys and music on the way home and all was good again.

Today's Training (April 2, 2015), Throwback Thursday and a Sneak Peek

Today I felt strong.  Here is today’s training:

Five Rounds

Handstand Hold – 30 seconds

Goblet Squat – 3 reps – 40#, 44#, 53#, 62# and 70# (whew that 70 pound sucker was HEAVY)

Push-ups – 5  (hardstyle)

Chin up – 1


Jump Rope 45 seconds

5 – KB swings

Jump Rope 30 seconds

10 – KB swings

Jump Rope – 15 seconds

15 KB swings

Jump Rope – 15 seconds

15 KB swings

Jump Rope – 30 seconds

10 KB swings

Jump Rope – 15 seconds

5 KB swings

All swings were done with the 44# bell.

Here is a Throwback of Tayler ( 1 year and 15 years 9 months) and a sneak peek of the Factor 75 food.


April Fool's Day

Today is a rest day and boy do I need it.  My forearms are still on fire from yesterday’s workout.  Holy tire flips.  Wow!!

I am going to try some new meals that I ordered from a place in Chicago.  It is called Factor 75.  I will do a review in a few days and let you all know what I think.  I ordered seven meals to try.  They have great variety and arrive refrigerated, not frozen.  Very cool.

Testing Out The Allergies With Today's Training (March 31, 2015)

It is a beautiful day today, 63 degrees, sunny and little wind.  Perfect day to test out the spring tree allergies.  I have using my DoTerra TriEase allergy blend and so far have not been having the usual itching, puffy eyes and general feeling like shit.  So today’s workout was the test.  Outside for the workout.  Here’s how it went down:

Five Rounds

Macebell slams on the tire –  5/5 (did last two sets 10/10)

Tire Flips – 6

Tire Jumps  – 5  (jump into the middle of the tire and then out the other end (that’s one) turn around and jump back in the middle and out the other end),

Incline pushups on the tire -5  (did one set of decline)

this is the first time I have used my macebell and I loved it!



Five rounds of 30/10 jump rope

followed by powdered Vitamin C and stretching.

Happy to report no allergies symptoms at all!!! Yay!!! Thanks TriEase

Sunday Funday and 7 Weeks Out

Today’s Sunday Funday workout

Warm up, including a few turkish get ups

Barbell Deadlifts and Strict Kettlebell Presses

Deadlifts                              Presses

135 pounds 3 reps               30 pounds 2/2

135 pounds 3 reps               30 pounds 2/2

145 pounds 3 reps               35 pounds 2/2

145 pounds 3 reps               35 pounds 2/2

155 pounds 3 reps               40 pounds 2/2

155 pounds 3 reps               40 pounds 2/2

160 pounds 1 rep                 44 pounds 1/1


20 hanging knee ups

10 swings (53#)

15 hanging knee ups

15 swings (53#)

10 hanging knee ups

20 swings (53#)

Stretch followed by Vitamin C Powder- workout felt amazing and I felt really strong.

7 Weeks to PCC – should be exciting


Sinister Saturday

First Saturday of the new bootcamp.  Week one down.  They are doing great.  Swings are starting to shape up.  I truly love what I do!!!

I also did an invite only “Sinister Saturday” group today.  I will start doing these more often when the bootcamp is meeting, because it is fun.

This is what SINISTER SATURDAY looked like today:

After warmup and mobility everyone picked double  bells for the movements.  I was happy to see that everyone picked challenging bells for all the movements.  That makes me happy.

the ladder went 1-5 and then start back over at 1 when done with the 5.  If we would had gone back down that is a pyramid and today we were laddering…for 15 minutes




start with 1 rep of each, then 2 reps of each and so on up to 5 reps of each.  Rest as much as needed, but not too much.  Nobody took advantage of the rest.  They kicked ass.

Then for a little break from swings the next section went like this:

20 swings          5 jumping jacks

15 swings          10 jumping jacks

10 swings          15 jumping jacks

5 swings             20 jumping jacks

Finish back to a ladder

We finished with a 1 hand swing ladder

1 hand swings laddering up to 10

SO    1 swing R then L, 2 swings R then L, 3 swings R then L and so on up to 10.

They did AMAZING!!!

Ladders are a great way to build strength, power and to progress.  Not to mention a helluva metabolic workouts, as witnessed with the 1 hand swing ladders the ladies did.  Ladders are hard, but so effective.  A true example of pure fatigue and extreme discomfort.  Here is a pic of the after effects.


My Training for Today

Two naps – that was my training for today (sorry Heidi).  I am feeling extremely tired.  First nap was 30 minutes and next one was 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I will listen to my body and take the rest.  The training can wait another day.  I obviously need to take it easy.  So I am going to enjoy the rest of my day and I will not feel guilty about not training today.  It works for me.


Today's Training – Lots of Fun Stuff Coming Up

Today is a rest day–so I am resting

This has been a busy week and I am feeling a little tired.  Glad it is Friday.

I want to share a song with you all that I am absolutely loving right now.  It is very catchy! Enjoy!

My calendar is filling up fast.  I have a lot of fun stuff coming up.  The only month that is free so far is June.  I am traveling in April (Sioux Falls), May (Dallas), July (New Mexico), August (Minneapolis) and September (Salt Lake City).  When January 1st rolled around this year, I had a feeling this was going to be a great year.  I truly love what I do and am loving life.  I am so blessed to have a supportive family and the most amazing clients and mentors ever.

Pressin' Like A MF-er and Things Don't Always Go As Planned (March 26, 2015)


Today it snowed.  Not planned.  Had my workout gear at home and wasn’t able to go home and get it until later.  Not planned.  Then I forgot my workout journal.  Not planned. I had to improvise my workout.  Not planned. It turned out great.  I have been battling tendinitis in my forearm for about a  year and a half.  It has been feeling a lot better, so I thought I would test it out.  Not planned.

warm up including long lunge crawls, wrist mobility, ankle and shoulder mobility

Two Rounds


ball rollout (abs)

Swings – 40#

get up sit up

Swings – 44#


Swings – 53#

Then  came the pressing

double press (strict) 2-26# – 9 reps

jump rope – 1 minute

double press (strict) – 2-30# – 7 reps

jump rope – 45 seconds

double press (strict) – 2- 16KG!!!  5 reps – felt easy, and absolute no forearm pain!!!  Pressin’ like a MFer!

jump rope – 30 seconds