Factor 75 Meal Review

Factor 75 is a meal delivery service out of Chicago.  I came upon their service while searching the internet for paleo food delivery services.  They did not solicit me to write a review, I just wanted to.  I have tried a few other meal delivery services; Eatology and Noble Savage.  Both are good, Noble Savage is better in my opinion.  What intrigued me about Factor 75 is that the meals are delivered fresh, not frozen and the ingredients and quality of the food is impeccable.  I find this very interesting and very cool.  Here is how it works: (copied from the website)

Choose from a weekly menu of 12-13 items

Never get bored.

Kick things off and choose from 12-13 menu items, but stick around and you get endless options.

Every week, you’ll see 1-2 new chef-crafted dishes on our menu. Whether you fuel performance like a caveman or pescatarian, we keep things fresh, just like every ingredient we’ll ever use.

Paleo? No problem.

Gluten-free? Done.

It doesn’t matter if you’re closing deals, lifting at the gym, or on your tenth round and those mitts gotta stay up. We know what performance looks like. That’s why every meal is nutritionist-designed for energy when you need it most.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates, or heart healthy fats, you can count on every menu item being:

Hormone-free Gluten-free
Antibiotic-free Soy-free
100% organic GMO-free

Very cool!!  So I signed up and ordered 7 meals.  The following are my thoughts and review of five of these meals, as I still have not eaten all of them:

Starting with Surf & Turf

Factor75 Description

We grill hanger steak to perfection, slice it thin and serve with a purple mashed potato seasoned with rosemary and brown butter. Our “surf” are paleo crab cakes; sweet crab mixed with almond flour, vegetables, and a house made paleo mayo.

My Review:

FullSizeRender-20The steak was cooked to perfection and had wonderful flavor.  Very tender and a person can definitely tell it is grassfed beef.  Delicious.  The purple potatoes were delicious and pretty.  The hint of rosemary was so refreshing.  The crab cakes were amazing.  The flavor was unreal.  The texture was amazing.  So good.  I split this meal with my daughter and it was plenty for both of us.

Fish Tacos

Factor 75 Description:

A taste of the surfer lifestyle delivered to your door. We steam Swiss Chard leaves and roll them up for you to unravel and fill with flaked Tilapia, Red Cabbage slaw, and a deliciously spiced greek yogurt. A taste of the Baja lifestyle, no matter where you are!

My Review:

FullSizeRender-19This one was a little messy to put together, but so worth it.  Again, the flavors are amazing.  The fish was tender.  The cabbage was fresh.  The sauce was spicy and amazing.  Not too hot, just right.  Love the swiss chard for the shells.  Absolutely delicious!

Apple Cashew Stuffed Chicken

Factor 75 Description:

Cage free chicken breast holds a delectable and power packed stuffing of organic apples, cashews, three types of anti-oxidant rich dried fruit, a chiffonade of fresh sage, and onion that ties it all together. This is seared to lock in the flavor with just a touch of sea salt and black pepper. Our favorite sweet potato mash is the perfect compliment for our new and improved stuffed chicken, organic brown butter kisses the side of Brussels sprouts and baby carrots have a rich nutty flavor that warms the palate.

My Review:

FullSizeRender-17Very good flavor of the carrots and brussels sprouts.  Sprouts are my absolute favorite.  These were just a little on the crunchy side.  Could have been cooked slightly longer.  The sweet potatoes were amazing.  The chicken breast was not dry all.  It had so much flavor.  Perfect combination of spices.  The stuffing was also delicious.  Slightly sweet from the apples with the perfect amount of spice.  Absolutely awesome!!

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Factor 75 Description:

Made without pasta, you will get to enjoy the tastiness of lasagna while avoiding the negative effects of typical lasagna. Instead we use layers of butternut squash which is packed with dietary fiber, antioxidants and minerals, and is an ideal food for controlling cholesterol and losing weight.

My Review:

FullSizeRender-16Wonderful subtle sage flavor in the lasagna.  I have never liked sautéed spinach, but this was amazing.  It was not slimy at all and had so much flavor. Cute, little bright green rolls full of nutrients and flavor.  They were bundled into cute little spinach presents!  So satisfying and filling.  I also shared this one with Tayler and we both had plenty.

Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

Factor 75 Description:

This dish will change your view of nutrition and taste co-existing! Stuffed with a coconut creamed spinach, then wrapped with bacon and baked to perfection. This will transform that boring chicken breast to one that you will brag to your family about! On the side we have steamed rutabaga and carrots are then slightly caramelized with grape seed oil.

My Review:

FullSizeRender-15This was the first meal I tried.  Great flavor.  Perfect crunch on the vegetables, not mushy.  Very satisfying.  Chicken was not dry at all and it was just like I cooked it myself.  Not even kidding.  These meals look like ones I usually make.  The spinach stuffing was also delicious with great flavors.  I absolutely loved it.  These portions are big and I could have split this one as well.

I will definitely keep ordering these meals.  They are not something I could afford to have for every meal, although I would love to.  I will use them in addition to cooking my own healthy, paleo style meals.  I know the ingredients are unbelievable.  These meals are designed by leading nutritionists, doctors and chefs based on the latest research.  They have the highest quality standards. The meats are pasture-raised, and grass-fed. They source ingredients that are organic and local as often as possible. You’ll never see artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, or hydrogenated fats in any of their food.  I LOVE THAT and THIS: Hormone-free, Gluten-free, Antiobiotic-free, soy-free, 100% organic, GMO-free.  That is HUGE for me.  I am very picky about my food.

Next up for me are the breakfast meals.  Can’t wait to try them.

If you want to try them out, use the following link and get two free meals.  The shipping was only  $10, which is awesome.


–all pictures are of the actual meals that I ate–