Simple But Not Easy, Today's Training and Hello Turkey

The Bootcampers found out today that simple is not easy.  After a thorough warmup we did a stack workout.  Start with one exercise, rest, then we do two exercies, rest, then three, etc, up to five exercises.  We did one section that was kettlebells, one section bodyweight and one section mixed.  Simple, quick, NOT easy.  They did a great job.


My workout today is deadlifts.  Seeing how heavy I can get.  I like to do over over with the grip.  Just feels weird to me to do over under.  I will see how heavy I can get before I have to switch.  Here’s how it went down:


135 – 5 reps

145 – 3 reps

155 – 2 reps

165 – 1 rep

170 – 1 rep

175 – 1 rep

180 – 1 rep (grip starting to fail)

185 – 1 rep (over under grip) feels weird

190 – three failed attempts (man, I wanted that).  The pic is 190 on the bar.  Something to shoot for!


Three rounds

20 – hanging knee raises

10 – kettlebell swings (62#)

my grip was shot

Hello Turkey

This was what I saw on my way to the studio this morning!  They didn’t care that cars were coming.  Taking their sweet time walking across the highway.  Funny.


Watch for a review of the Factor 75 meals in tomorrow’s blog!

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