So, My Daughter Is Pretty Amazing

I absolutely love how my 16 year old daughter rocks the confidence and self esteem. She amazes me with her sense of humor and her compassion and empathy for people. She is one cool kid. She writes herself little notecards all the time with her to do list or things to take on a trip list.

She and her dad went to Sioux Falls today to get the screws taken out of her mouth after the jaw break incident. Six weeks went by pretty quickly. It was extremely painful for her and the doc said she “handled it better than most men.” Her pain scale from when when she broke her jaw was pretty consistent at a 7 out of 10. Today was a 9. Ouch! Glad that’s over.

This was her notecard for today…rocking the confidence and self esteem…


My favorite – “dress cute & warm.”  Love Her!