Life is short, time is fast

We don’t get a replay and we don’t get a rewind. Life IS short and time IS fast.

A classmate. Gone too soon.

A shock to so many. Life changes in an instant. The time. Her time.

We tend to think we will stay young and invincible forever. Common thinking.

It’s hard to put into words what I am thinking and what I am feeling. We never know when our time is coming. But when it does, it does.

We were the kind of friends that if we saw each other on the street we would definitely recognize each other. Classmates and kid friends, junior high and high school. Touch was lost, but information was available. Kids’ lives and social. Proud parent moments. Times not forgotten. Memories made.

We only get one life. The impact can be considerable. The significance and the difference made to people’s lives. She did that. She was a giver.

She made a difference. She helped people. The calling was strong and the work was hard.

We are getting to the point in our lives when nothing is certain. The later parts of our lives when things just seem a little bit more special and friendships seem a little bit more meaningful. When family seems a lot more important and the time should be savored and cherished.

I will always remember going to Paula’s house and playing for hours and hours. I pray that her family and friends remember the good times and hold her close in their hearts. Rest In Peace Paula Adam-Burchill. You will be missed.



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