The Lady In The Blue Dress

The lady in the blue dress.

It’s been a rough week. There have been so many deaths recently. It’s hard. I feel for the families. Just in the last month death has touched so many families of people I went to school with. It makes me think about how time passes. It makes me think of us all getting older, even though we still think of ourselves as the young and carefree high schoolers. 

Life is funny. Life is always connected. You just have to look for the dots. I was talking to my sister. When I say talking, what I really mean is texting. That’s how most of us “talk” these days. 

We were talking about things. We were talking about why we do the things we do and why we are the way we are. 

That night I had the most amazing dream. The next day I immediately wrote down what I remembered about it. I had this dream on January 22nd. 

I dreamt last night. I got the best hug I have ever had. It felt so real. Was it real? Dreams are so crazy and they feel real and they seem real. Are they messages? Are they signs? What exactly are they?

She was wearing a long blue dress, flowing and bright. Her hair was reddish-blonde and I knew her. Sherry was there too. Other people too, cousins, Brenda and Susan. But she, Aunt Sandy, shone so bright. She came to me. She enveloped me in her arms. She squeezed me so tight, comforting me and giving me peace. She felt so tiny. She felt so breakable. But the strength of that hug was unmistakeable. It was real. It felt so real. She was hugging me tight. It was as if she was letting me know things were going to be okay. She was making up for lost time. She was making up for lost hugs. She was giving me the hugs never received. She was giving me the hugs always wanted. She was letting me know she knew. She was letting me know. 

The timeline was so strange, because I am pretty sure in the dream we were at Uncle Bob’s funeral, but Aunt Sandy died before him. So I was confused and trying to piece things together, but I think in dreams you don’t get to do that. You just get to experience and watch and sometimes participate.

The blue dress. It was so vivid. It was so pretty. It was just so……comforting.