Lifestyle changes – what makes a person want to change their lifestyle? Because they want to lose weight? A health scare? Because they want to? Because they want to gain weight? All good reasons. All reasons you may want to change.

One thing that we seem to forget in this journey of changing is that these are lifestyle changes. Changing our life. Changing how we do things. We forget that this is a forever thing. There is no finish line when it comes to getting healthier and wanting to better our life. We tend to think of this as diet lifestyle. Diet lifestyle needs to go away. When a person goes on a diet there is usually a finish line. What happens after that finish line? Most of the time they go right back to what they were doing before. They have learned nothing except how to be on a diet.

There is no end game. There is no end point. There is no done time.

Make sustainable life changes for a healthier you. Make your habits sustainable. Learn about nutrition. Learn about you. A lot of us have issues with our bodies. A lot of us have issues with food. Those need to be addressed in order to see success and in order to sustain the life changes we are making. Make your progress sustainable.

Take the first step to start.

Figure out why you want to change.

Don’t overcomplicate the process.

Keep going.

Have patience.

Love yourself.

Change your mindset.

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