June 1, 2019 – a diary entry

June 1 – 2019

Diary of a former chubby trainer/nutrition coach. 

I tell my clients all the time…the time is going to pass regardless. Why not work on yourself? Get your values and your priorities aligned with your goals. Once you get rolling you cannot be stopped. You will gain confidence, you will middle finger the shit that tries to pull you away from your goals. You will believe in yourself. You will believe you can do it. 

What a difference a year makes. The picture on the left is June 3, 2018. The picture on the right is June 1, 2019. Almost one year exactly. 

In the picture on the left I hadn’t even gotten my shit together yet. That took about four more months before I couldn’t stand where I was anymore. Before, I was fed up with how I was living and realized I needed to change. Before, I couldn’t stand to see what was in the mirror. Before, I was close to the bottom, my bottom. I was getting more and more unhealthy as each week passed. Ever get out of breath bending over to tie your shoes, or have to kick your thigh out to the side so you can get between your legs to tie them? That’s always fun. Or getting out of breath walking upstairs. Or getting out of breath doing 25 swings. Oh wait, that happens no matter what. You get my point though. Being overweight is hard. It’s hard on your self-esteem. It’s hard on your heart. It’s hard on your blood pressure. It’s hard on your body. It’s hard on you. 

A lot of people use excuses. I don’t eat enough. It’s my thyroid. It’s my hormones. It’s not. What is really happening is that you are overeating. You just are. I know there are some medical situations that really cause some problems, I’m not saying there aren’t. I’m talking about generally. 

The pic on the left shows someone who appeared to have it all together. I would tell myself it was time to lose weight. I would tell myself it was time to workout. I kept a workout journal. I was really going to use this. I was really going to track everything and then connect the dots to troubleshoot why things weren’t working. That journal had about two days of entries. Not even kidding. I didn’t even feel like working out. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Well guess what? If we wait until we feel like it, we might never get unstuck. 

I’m not even sure what finally pushed me over the edge. It was probably a culmination of many things. It was the camel’s back and I’m not sure what straw broke it. I just knew it was time. II was this time. It was always time. I just didn’t want to admit it. 

The pic on the right, almost one year later, I’m so close to where I want to be. I can reach out and almost touch it. I took my time. I changed. I told myself I had to. I needed to. I really wanted to. My workout journal is filled with workouts. My nutrition tracking is filled every single day. I don’t miss a day. I don’t take a day off. It’s what we do most of the time that matters, not what we do some of the time. I was consistent. I made my health a priority. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy. Healthy for you! Not what someone else perceives your healthy to be. It’s what you want to be. It’s what you choose. 

So are you wondering how I did it? It’s macro counting. Until you get a handle on what you are eating, and know where you are struggling, you will never be able to change. I took back my body and I took back my life. 

Nobody can stop me. I preach it. Hit your macros. Drink your water. Reduce your stress. Get your sleep and love your people. It makes all the difference in the world. 

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  1. This —> “Hit your macros. Drink your water. Reduce your stress. Get your sleep and love your people.” — is a winning formula. Hard to start, but so enriching once it is your every day. Love it!

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