14 Husky

14 Husky

What size do you wear?

Size 14 Husky.

I bought some camo pants the other day. I scored big time. I had been looking and not finding. I was in Walmart for what felt like every single day that week getting last minute things. I was getting ready to go to Austin and was trying to find things. When I say things, I mean shirts and shorts. I couldn’t find the kind of shorts I wanted and I was getting sick and tired of wandering around waiting for them to appear.

I had the bright idea to check out the kids section. Again, looking for shorts. I don’t often wear shorts, but it was going to be hot and humid in Austin. I couldn’t find any I really liked. I wanted specific. They only had generic. I thought to myself all the work I would have to do. You know the whole shaving the legs thing and the fake AF tan can, because casper legs – I was thinking of others. That’s a lot of prepping for me. That’s a little high maintenance for me. LOL.

So, back to the kids section score. I saw some camo pants. They looked decent. They looked like the kind I had been searching for. I liked them. The way I see if clothes are going to fit is by picking them up, holding them up, shutting one eye and sizing them up. Then I hold them to my body to see if it looks like they will fit. I despise trying things on at the store.

I wasn’t sure what size kids clothes went up to. I looked at the 14 and the 16. Maybe…then I spotted them. These would fit. They might even be a little big. But I will take big over stuffed sausage any day. I looked at the 14 and the other pair. I thought the 14s would work. I didn’t want tight so I grabbed them – the other pair – and performed the fit test. Okay! These were it. I could feel it. The ones, even if they were in the boys section.

14 Husky – Fuck Yeah! So, in boys clothes I am a 14 Husky. I feel okay with that — because kids section.

Now, if that was in the adult section, would I be upset? We are conditioned to think smaller is better. Instead of finding things that fit our bodies, we stress and we make ourselves feel like shit because we try and make our bodies fit into clothes. It perpetuates and we constantly focus on what size clothes we wear. It’s just like that number on the scale. We focus and we focus and we let it run our lives. Stop. It’s not that deep. It’s not that important. It’s just a number.

Take a load off. Take away the stress. Find clothes that fit your body. It doesn’t matter what size. If you feel comfortable in something don’t let the size make you feel less than. Find your fit and rock it. You are more important than the size of your clothes. Your clothing size and the number on the scale are the least interesting things about you.

14 Husky – Fuck Yeah.

Next time you are shopping and find yourself getting discouraged because you are trying to fit your body into that diet culture box, you know the one, the smaller is better box, ask yourself why you think that.

Does it make you less important?

Does it make you less worthy?

Does it make you less than?

No, no and no.

Find your fit – who cares what size it is.

Own it.

14 Husky.