Everyone Deserves Flowers

Everyone Deserves Flowers

Everyone deserves flowers.

Death does not discriminate. 

Death does not care about popularity.

One of my high school classmates died this past week. We weren’t close. I knew her. I remember her being very shy. She was very nice. I keep thinking about her. Rest In Peace Tammy Row. 

I can’t get her out of my head. I keep thinking of her family and how hard this must be for them. 

I keep thinking about how interesting life is. 

In high school, as in any social environment, there are cliques. There are the popular kids, the jocks, the theater people, the loners, and whatever other label you can slap on people. 

This person who died, wasn’t in the popular group. But she was a person. She was just like you or me. She was a mom. She was a wife. She probably had problems and fears and highs and lows, just like all of us. She mattered. 

Death doesn’t discriminate. Death doesn’t care if you are popular or a loner. 

Always think about the impact you have on people. 

“People will forget what you said, people will forget

what you did. But people will never forget how you

made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Be a little nicer. Be less judgmental. People are people. Smile and say hi. Everyone deserves to be treated well. Everyone deserves flowers. 

A few years ago, I received a message from a classmate. She had told me that she had ordered flowers for some deaths from our high school class. The Riggs High Class of 1982. I absolutely loved the idea and thought it was an amazing and touching gesture for grieving families. 

I just sort of took it over. It meant a lot to me. It really touched my heart. I get all the feels when we lose a classmate. I get all the feels when classmates are losing their parents and family members. It really hits home. I always remember how I felt when my dad died and how much it hurt and how all the emotions hit. A kind gesture can mean the world to someone who is grieving. 

The feelings surface. The sadness. The emotions. The loss. Wondering what happens next. Wondering how to live without them. So many unknowns. It’s nice to have a small touch of “hey, we got your back” from the class. It’s nice to know people care. It’s nice to know people are thinking about you and what you’re going through. It feels good to see that wreath or that bouquet.

We have taken a big hit this year with losing people. I realize it’s life. I know time steals the memories. Time marches on. But with the everlasting bouquets that are sent, I hope it can be a reminder of happy times and loving times with that family. A reminder that life is precious. A reminder to cherish those memories. A reminder for you to get out and live with no regrets. 

We have a flower fund now and it’s great. I am the keeper of the flower fund. Classmates donate to the fund. It’s completely voluntary. I do not care if anyone donates. It definitely is not required. I appreciate the donations for sure. It’s very helpful. Thanks Class of ’82.

I have this lady who makes the arrangements for all these lost family members and classmates. I am proud to call her my friend. She creates the arrangement for the funeral of a mom, a dad, a sister or a brother and the funeral of a classmate. It’s hard, but she makes each bouquet or wreath with love. I can see it in her work. She feels it all. Every emotion. Her work is amazing and I am grateful and honored to be able to have her assistance for these times of  big emotions and pain. Losing loved ones is hard, but Kay puts a lot of love and light into these everlasting bouquets and wreaths. Kay Decker (Bokay Studio) you are an amazing lady and I love what your creations bring to the families of lost loved ones. 

The flowers are always gorgeous and bright. A little glimmer of sunshine peeking through the clouds of the hard days. 

I will keep sending flowers. Everyone deserves flowers.