The Edge

Why did I start? I told you what the straw was, or what it wasn’t. I had to start. I needed that edge so I could be pushed. It was there, the edge. I had to do something. The pain and emotion of feeling fake and non-committal were real. I was ashamed of how much I let my body go, of how much I let my life go. So I did something. 

I started eating macro style. Macros are what our foods are made up of – protein, carbs and fats. So what that means is that everything I ate was put into a tracking app and my job was to eat according to what my assigned macros were. It was my accountability. It was my purpose, it was my goal. I wasn’t going to fail. That was my option. I wasn’t going to give myself permission to do that. Have you ever done that? Given yourself permission to fuck up. Given yourself permission to fail? I bet you have. We all have. It comes down to how bad you really want something? Is what you are doing worth it? 

If you are doing something, making a choice to do something, that is not in line with what you told yourself you were going to do, you are making that choice. You just gave yourself permission. So, I told myself I wasn’t going to do the same thing I had always done. That would be to stick to something for a week or so and then make the choice — because that is exactly what it is — to fail or to fuck up or to whatever the shiny adjective is this month. However you want to describe it. Quit and go back to the usual suspect. The usual permission. I wanted new permission. 

Lifestyle changes and forming new habits can be hard, really hard. We are so used to being bombarded with the next best thing or the newest trend or try this, or try that, that we become so overwhelmed we don’t even know what the hell to do or even where to start. Ever felt that way? Me too. 

Tracking your food is a good first step. It makes you aware of all the choices you have been making that continue to drive you down the road to the nearest hospital or worse yet, cemetery. If you feel like you are getting more and more unhealthy every day, you need to show up. Show up for yourself. You need to take a good, hard, and honest look in the mirror and tell that reflection it’s time. It’s time to make a change before it’s too late. 

You can find macro calculators all over the internet. Pretty much plug and play. Find one. Set up your app and start tracking. I think you will be pretty surprised about what is going on. Most people are overeating fat and carbs because honestly, they taste fucking great. It’s okay sometimes, but the portion sizes are what gets most of us in trouble. Also, make sure your protein is on point. if you want to maintain muscle mass and not be a hangry bitch all the time, protein is key. 

Anybody can do it. The coach part is what I help you with. That is where the finesse comes in. That is where the tough love comes in. But, don’t be afraid to experiment on your own. What’s it going to hurt? What’s going to happen? You might just get healthy in the process. 

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