Did you really think it would be a straight line?


When it comes to nutrition and fitness, and even life, there is no straight line. Let’s say you wanted to lose ten pounds or you have some other goal. It doesn’t have to be about weight. It can be about anything. If you thought you would get from point A to point B in a straight line, I bet you figured out within a month that it doesn’t work that way. Try from point A, to A.1, to A.50 to A.100 back to A.25, throw in some zig-zags and then maybe to point B. There is nothing that is easy. It may be simple, but never easy. If anyone tells you it was easy, don’t believe them.

So, here you are, you’re rocking along for a few weeks thinking, man this is so easy. How can anyone complain about how hard this is? I don’t get it. What the hell is wrong with people? Then all of a sudden, BOOM, life shows up. You were feeling super cocky and then got blasted in the face by that thing we call life. It may have been a wedding (you drank your face off). Because celebrate. It may have been a graduation (you ate all the cake). Because you don’t want to feel left out. It may have a been a life-changing event; a kick in the stomach one, like someone dying. Helllloooooo fast food. Helllloooooo crap food. Helllloooooo no workouts for weeks. Because feeling sorry for yourself. Duh.

Is that really the way you want to handle it? Do you really want to go down that road? Let’s face it. Life is messy. It really is not that pretty sometimes. It can be downright ugly. We all struggle. We all go through hard times. The thing is, we need to unpack this stuff and try to put those pieces into some kind of order and try to figure out why we handle things the way we do. What are we trying to mask? What do we not want to deal with? What are we trying to hide? If we handle a wedding or a graduation with all the booze and all the cake, are we going to go completely overboard when we have that life-changing event, as I mentioned above? You know, a someone dying situation or a kick in the gut situation. Until we come to terms with this messy stuff, we are never going to change. Until we figure out those triggers, we will always be stuck. Sure you can change for a little bit, but most of the time you go right back to the old ways, the old habits, the old you. Until we deal with the messy and the ugly and the dirty of our situations and face them head on, we aren’t changing. Sorry to break it to you. It’s true though.

How are you going to handle those situations? Are you going to be crushed and go right back to crappy eating and missing workouts? I hope not. You have worked your butt off, literally, to see results and be a healthier version of your old self. Don’t just throw it away.

Face it head on. Wallow around in it for a while. Thrash, stagger and stumble until you figure it out and then get back to YOUR real life. Be a boss. Don’t let the distractions derail you. It’s a cop out. It’s an excuse. It gets you nowhere and nowhere super fast at that. When we deal with problems head on, we feel such a sense of relief. Beat that dead horse and figure out what makes you tick.

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