Bootcamp Grad Workout, Sneak Peek, and Today's Training

The five week bootcamp is finishing up.  One session left.  Today was measuring and pics and results will be revealed Monday. Had some amazing results.  Can’t wait to share with the ladies.

Today was the “grad workout.”  The hard as hell, I hate your guts, you suck, deck of cards workout.  I change it up a lot, but this is how this one went.

Two decks of cards, 9s and 10s removed.  Aces equals 1.  Jacks -20 jumping jacks; Queens – 30 fast feet (she was a bitch today.  Made multiple back to back appearances); King – 40 marches and the dreaded Joker was a 45 second wall sit.  Hearts -double the digit swings; spades – lat rows; diamonds -goblet squats and clubs -presses.  We went 30 minutes.  The ladies did great.  They will receive their bootcamp t-shirts on Monday.  They turned out amazing.  Here is a peek.


Today’s Training


It is dance recital weekend.  Hitting it hard tomorrow.

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