Today's Training and The Peeper

So, I am gearing up for my workout and notice a strange guy sitting in a van out in front of my studio. He is one of the workers from upstairs and has smoked at least three cigs in the last 15 minutes. I also noticed two more men making use of the bench out front and the steps. Handstands and chin ups on the agenda means I will be right by the front door. After round 1, I can still feel the eyes. Moving on. I don’t have time to waste. Fricking peepers!!

Today’s training

5 rounds

Handstand hold – 30 seconds

Chin-up – 1

Goblet squat – 3


3 rounds

Burpee box jump -5  (true burpee)

Jump rope – 45 seconds

Wanted 5 rounds of this but was distracted by the peeper 🙁 

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