License To Eat

Today wasn’t going to be a rest day, but it ended up being that way and I’m fine with that.  I went to Rapid for a skin check appointment and got back a little while ago, so am just going to relax and catch up on some computer work and client stuff.

Anyway…do any of you feel that when you hop in the car to go somewhere, even a short trip like Rapid, you feel like you can eat whatever the hell you want? It is really strange, but it seems like once you are in the car, shit food is free game and becomes a free for all.  Candy bars, M&Ms, crappy gas station burritos, popcorn, chips, etc., not to mention disgusting sweet  drinks or pop. Well I am sick of doing that. I always feel like crap when I step out of the car and all those wrappers fall out.  Just kidding, I meant physically feeling like crap.  So, my morning started with coffee and a Factor 75 breakfast.  I felt satisfied.  I stopped at Target and Scheels before my appointment and after, went to Safeway.  I was determined I was not going to grab a bunch of shit food.  I got big fat olives and artichokes from the olive bar and a brussels sprout apple salad from the deli.  This salad, by the way, was really good.  I also got some really good organic juice blend things that ended up tasting really great too.  Last was macadamia nuts, but didn’t touch those.  Even though those are healthy, I am sure I would have mindlessly eaten at least half the container while cruising down the road at 80.  Another thing that works great is to drink a bunch of water; it helps the boredom of driving and keeps a person hydrated and less likely to over eat.  So does the radio, cranked up loud.  Like this song.  Cranked this sucker WAY up.

So, next time you travel, what do you plan to do?

Here is the drink I found:


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