Bootcamp, Swings And Things, Soakin' Up Some Sun and Today's Training

This morning the bootcampers did awesome for the Suck It Up Saturday Session.  They hung in there and kicked it’s ass.  Lots of red faces at the end.  Fine tuning those swings.  Nice Job Robin, Heather, Alisia, Rebecca, Amanda, Heather and Larissa.

Next came Swings And Things session with the veterans.  They killed it as well.  We hit the stations.  Two exercises at each station, 1 minute total.  We had a total of 10 stations and ran through twice.  Then we had a particularly nasty finisher.  Kicking Butt!!!!  Nice job Cara, Meredith, Mary, Heather, Diana, Kristin and Melissa.  Nice job ladies.  Because of all of you I absolutely love what I do.

Since it was such a beautiful day I had to soak up some Vitamin D – and it felt great.  My theory on the sun…don’t put a bunch of chemicals in your body or on your body and the sun won’t bake them into you.  I use coconut oil for sunscreen and don’t hang out for hours in the sun.

Today’s Training

Bar Deadlifts

135 – 5 reps

145 – 5 reps

155 – 5 reps

165-  3 reps

175 – 2 reps

180 – 1 rep


jump rope




three rounds


followed by Vitamin C Powder

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