So Very True And Patience Truly Is A Virtue

So today, Tayler wanted me to show her how to box.  They say you should never train your family members.  No kidding.  Our session lasted about an hour.  We went over the basics and a few punches.  She got frustrated because she couldn’t do it right away.  Typical.  I told her it’s called practice.  I told her she couldn’t expect to know how to do it right away.  Just as in life, nothing worth having comes easy.  So after she quit pouting about the punching I put her through a baby circuit.  Seriously, four things, not difficult. 1-2 punches on the bag, jumping jacks, wall sit with punching and plank.  Nothing against her, but I was very surprised that she had a hard time getting through it.  It was only 30 seconds of each exercise, twice through.  I also gave her a hard time with what she considered jumping jacks.  I definitely need to start working more with her.

We then discussed boys and music on the way home and all was good again.

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