Pressin' Like A MF-er and Things Don't Always Go As Planned (March 26, 2015)


Today it snowed.  Not planned.  Had my workout gear at home and wasn’t able to go home and get it until later.  Not planned.  Then I forgot my workout journal.  Not planned. I had to improvise my workout.  Not planned. It turned out great.  I have been battling tendinitis in my forearm for about a  year and a half.  It has been feeling a lot better, so I thought I would test it out.  Not planned.

warm up including long lunge crawls, wrist mobility, ankle and shoulder mobility

Two Rounds


ball rollout (abs)

Swings – 40#

get up sit up

Swings – 44#


Swings – 53#

Then  came the pressing

double press (strict) 2-26# – 9 reps

jump rope – 1 minute

double press (strict) – 2-30# – 7 reps

jump rope – 45 seconds

double press (strict) – 2- 16KG!!!  5 reps – felt easy, and absolute no forearm pain!!!  Pressin’ like a MFer!

jump rope – 30 seconds


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