March 13, 2021

I have a bunch of notebooks lying around. Half filled up. All filled up. Something important…at the time.

Sometimes fleeting memories, written down to memorialize a day or an event.

I found one today. A notebook. One entry. That’s it.

March 13, 2021

Almond milk latte–delicious, creamy and strong.

The sky is cloudy.

I smell river and dead fish.

The geese are noisy.

The breeze is more than I wanted.

I sip my coffee and take in the deep flavor.

The temperature gauge tells me it is 53 degrees outside. It feels colder.

Now I feel lazy and I don’t want to walk into the island and find the beach.

Another day.

Today, I sit in my car and listen to the honking of the geese and the sounds of the river.

The windows are down and the air feel damp.

Not warm enough yet.

Back home I go.