It’s Never Guaranteed

Every day. I look at it. I can’t help it. It’s right there, at work. On my desk. I leave it there. It reminds me to live each day. It reminds me that nothing is to be taken for granted. It reminds me that we got more time. It reminds me that we got more love. 

In the hustle and bustle of life, we always worry about things. We always complain about things or get negative about things. It’s kind of human nature, or a lot of people’s nature. I try to quash it. I try to not let things get to me. Some days they do, but most days I am good about letting things go. I can’t control those things. 

The holidays are here and some of us don’t have loved ones here with us. We’ve lost them. We miss them and sometimes it makes the holidays harder. But life goes on and we get through the things. 

A picture really does tell a story. What is this story? In the picture, my husband of not even two years. My daughter of 11 months. We were gifted more time. We were gifted more love. 

I wonder sometimes. The what ifs. The whys. You know, the questions we always ask about life things when we are uncertain or fearful, or both. So, I do. I wonder. Sometimes. 

I think of all the life we have lived and all the love we have loved. You just never know. And that’s really okay. 

So when I look at the picture, I am reminded that life is not guaranteed. I am reminded that we got more time and we got more love. This reminder. A good reminder.  I cherish it. 

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