Break Away

Break Away

As I was getting ready to write my blog this week, I gathered my several notebooks out of my bag that gets hauled everywhere. I carry them with me all the time, in case an idea strikes or if I just take ten minutes in the morning and write. Sometimes I put notes in my phone, but I would much rather feel the pen on the paper. I like to feel the smoothness or the scratchiness of the pen, depending on the tip. I like the cool look of the dotted journal. I love to fill in the empty pages with my thoughts and musings. 

I grabbed several of the notebooks and headed to my computer to start the process. As I opened the yellow notebook to find the next blank page, I opened to a page that had one word written on it. It made me wonder what my thoughts were when I wrote it. It made me wonder why I didn’t go back and finish what I started. Ha. How ironic now that I am sitting down and thinking about this. 

There is something in our lives that is very, very hard for us to do. It just is. That is the word that was written on the page. The word was “change.” Wouldn’t you agree that change is something that can be hard? We get so comfortable in our little comfort zone. Bring on the comfy couch, blankie and bowl of popcorn. Turn the TV on and we are set. It’s our after-work-zone-out, mindless-eat and withdraw-from-the-world routine. I would bet that most people are grabbing a beer or a glass of wine as well. I know I used to. 

Change can be scary and change can take time. Sometimes we don’t think we need to change. We are so busy denying anything is wrong that we just stay in our little bubble of comfort. Denial keeps self-sabotage alive. It’s a defense mechanism we use to keep us from feeling things we don’t want to feel. It essentially numbs our emotions. Kind of like too much alcohol. Kind of like too much food. Kind of like a lot of things. 

Take some small steps towards change. One thing can start the ball rolling. For example, if you think you can add some extra steps to your day, that’s a start. That might be all you need. 

Change can also be exciting. It can help us see things in a different way. It can help to motivate us. Once we start seeing some positive things happening, we want to keep going. 

Be patient with yourself. Clean off that lens of perception and take a good hard look and see what can be possible. The truth really does set you free. 

Let your life flow. Let your life change. Break away from the fear of change. Embrace it. Live it. 

The definition of change is to make or become different. Take a chance on yourself.