I walk the walk

I walk the walk

Do you walk the walk? Do you talk the talk? You know what I mean by that, right? If you are perceived as being someone who is healthy or you do things that influence people or you tell people what to do, do you take your own advice? 

I am a trainer and a nutrition coach. I can’t imagine telling my clients to do something I have never done myself. I want to know how whatever I am telling them feels. I want to get in there and feel it myself. I want to see how it affects me. 

I’ve been fat. I’m now not fat. I have done exactly what I ask my clients to do in order to become not fat. I walk the walk. I talk the talk. It’s not the per usual, do as I say, not as I do, talk. I sincerely want to help people change. I am sick of looking at this fat and unhealthy world we live in. I am tired of seeing overweight kids who don’t have a chance. There is so much junk food. There is so much stuff. There are so many options, unhealthy, not optimal options. Sure you have the choice. You can choose more optimal. You can choose less optimal. It definitely is up to you. The thing is, don’t overeat it. Have a small portion and then move on, get past it. 

When you figure out portion control, you figure out the secret to being healthier than most others. It is eye-opening. I don’t use that term lightly. Try it. Look at a box of cereal. I did this demonstration a while back in my nutrition coaching group. I poured one serving of Cap’N Crunch (because it’s fucking awesome) in a bowl. I was shocked. It covered the bottom of the bowl. That’s it. I then poured what old me would have eaten for a serving. The bowl was 3/4 full. This was not even adding any milk. The amount of carb macro difference was ridiculous. The “normal” serving was about 23 carbs and “my normal” was about 70 carbs. Holy wow! This is absolutely crazy. I can’t imagine spending that kind of macro money on that. 

This is what I like about my clients learning how to eat. It’s educational and very eye-opening. If you are overweight, this is a great lesson in why. This is why I walk the walk and talk the talk.