My Very Own StarSong

My Very Own StarSong

I have been anticipating this for what feels like forever. It was finally here. I don’t mean finally like I’m mad about it. I mean finally like I’m a little scared and anxious about it.

The time had to be ideal. I had to finish up some deadline things first. Then I had to make sure everything was just right. Did we even still have a CD player anymore? Tayler’s room. Down the stairs I went. Found it. Back up the stairs I went. I grabbed the CD, the player my headphones and the letter with the chart. I headed to my office way upstairs. 

I made it perfect. I arranged my rug with my yoga pillow and I lit a candle. I plugged in the player and hit the eject button. Oh man. Inside the player was “Baby Mozart.” Wow. We played classical music for Tayler from the time we brought her home from the hospital. You guys that was over 19 years ago. She still listened to it every night to relax her and help her sleep. It almost made me cry.

I opened the case and pulled out the CD. I got goosebumps just touching it. I could feel everything about it. I don’t mean physically, I mean emotionally, spiritually. A rush came over my body and my eyes started to water.

I put on my headphones and pressed play. The music started. Wow! The sounds. The emotion, I can’t even describe. I could see myself in black water, trying frantically to get out, trying not to drown, feeling like I was drowning. Peacefulness came next. It was calming. The bird noises made it that way. Water made it that way. Water, cleansing, calming over and over.

It is hard to describe. It was so overwhelming in an absolute good way.

This CD, hands down, is the best gift I have ever received. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it. My friend is so thoughtful.

You may be wondering what I am talking about. First I have to explain.

Her name is Rebecca. I call her Breckie. We have been friends for a long time. Online friends. That’s how our friendship started, I think in 2007. We were both in a workout forum and that’s how we met. Fast friends to the end. It took several years before we met in person. We have been through a lot together. When I say a lot, I really mean a lot. We have pulled each other through hard times. We have similar life experiences. We are the best sounding boards for each other. We are honest with each other and I believe I can say we would do anything for each other. She means the world to me. She truly is one of the best friends I ever had and I am so thankful, grateful and blessed to know her. 

Now, back to the CD. The CD is a gift from Breckie. She bought me a song! A StarSong. She gifted me a song composed only for me! Only for me according to where and when I was born and my astrological chart. Is that not the most amazing thing ever? I think so.

It was done. I received it in the mail yesterday. It was everything I thought it would be and more. As I listened I could feel every emotion, every sorrow, every happiness and every life lesson. It was like I could reach out and touch every single thing. It was that intense. And, knowing it was specifically composed for me, made it that much more special.

The composer and chart preparer is Danick Jawer. You can find her at She also gave me a copy of her CD, Amitie – Voyage d’amour. I will be listening.

The CD has two tracks. The first track is the StarSong itself and the second track Danick talks over the song. This second track contains the main astrological comments that guided her process. Her voice is so unique and accented and calming. She is an amazing and beautiful French woman. 

There are so many things. I can’t wait to listen to it more and more and more. It is such a special gift. I can barely put it into words. 

And the cherry on top of this proverbial cake, Breckie also gifted me a one hour reading with Danick in which she will go more in-depth with my astrological chart, a much more thorough reading of my chart. I bet it will explain many many things about my life. I am so interested to do this. I will be scheduling it as soon as I can. 

I really do have the best friends and many special people in my life. I am very lucky and I know this. Thank you so much Breckie!! This truly is such a special gift.