A Love Day

Today is our anniversary. An anniversary celebrating 20 years of marriage. An anniversary celebrating 20 years of life together. An anniversary of the day we each said, I do. A love day.

20 years of raising kids and now watching grandkids grow. 20 years of loving each other for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. It’s never been worse. It’s only been better. It’s been sickness and it’s been health.

20 years ago we flew to Las Vegas to get married after knowing each other eight months. We flew there to seal the bond of love. We played Elvis songs at our wedding. My best friend was my maid of honor. Mary. John’s brother was his best man. Roy.

It was a simple wedding. Just what we wanted. Just what we needed. The man who married us told us that he wished everyone who got married in Vegas was in love like us.

Love is what we are. Love is what we do. We married out of love. We married out of respect. We married out of trust. We married.

It’s still hard to believe it is 20 years. It feels like yesterday. I still get excited to see him. I still tell him I love him several times a day. I still kiss him goodnight, every single night. I am still in love with him.

Our life is simple. We can sit in silence and not feel uncomfortable. There is never awkward. There is never weird. We take on each other’s emotions. When one of us gets grumpy it doesn’t take long and the other is grumpy. If one is happy the other is happy. We feed off each other’s vibe. We feel deeply. We are deeply connected. I’m not sure if I ever believed in the soul mate thing, but once I met John, I knew it was true.

One year we got each other the exact the same anniversary card. We were opening them at the same time and just started laughing. We think the same for sure.

I can’t imagine life without him. I wouldn’t want to do it. Happily ever after is real for us. I have a feeling that, with him, forever won’t be quite long enough.

January 10, 1998, was a good day. It was a love day. It was a forever day. It was John and Peggie day.

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