Month: October 2015

The Magic Pill is Consistency

The Magic Pill is Consistency

I always find it strange that people look for the easy, the simple and the effortless when it comes to changing themselves. They would rather take a pill or look for the magic potion than put in the work, put in the time or put 

Reflections –

Reflections –

The other day I was talking with one of my clients. It was interesting what he had to say, as I was just thinking about the same thing that very morning. It is amazing how many people I have met since opening The Underground. It 

Stop Chasing Skinny

Stop Chasing Skinny

Do you wish you were skinny? Do you think your life would be complete if you were skinny? Do you think about being skinny? Skinny, skinny, skinny, skinny.  What does skinny even mean? How do you define skinny?

This is what Wiktionary told me:
Skin +‎ -y, meaning associated with lack of fat or muscle possibly derived from the phrase skin and bones, meaning associated with nudity derived from exposing skin.

skinny ‎(comparative skinnier, superlative skinniest)

(informal) Having little flesh and fat; slim; slender; narrow; thin, generally beyond what looks beautiful.
Her recent weight loss has made her look rather skinny than slender
(informal, of food or beverages) Low-fat.  [quotations ▼]
Naked; nude (chiefly used in the phrase skinny dipping).

Lack of fat or muscle–We need fat in order to survive. The human brain consists of at least 60 percent fat.  Could you imagine what happens to the brain when it is deprived of fat? It baffles me why people and many healthcare professionals still believe low fat is good for us. Get real. Because seriously.

What about muscle? What happens to your body when you lack muscle mass? It can mess up your metabolism. Duh. According to muscle is more metabolically active than fat and therefore it is estimated that each extra pound of muscle you gain burns 30-50 extra calories a day. It is also estimated that a pound of muscle burns 6 calories at rest compared to 2 calories per pound of fat. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have some muscle mass on my frame.

So, let’s explore a little. Why do we want to be skinny? What drives the skinny movement? The media? Society? Think back in your life and try to remember the first time you thought about skinny. Why was skinny so popular? Is it still popular?

I believe that skinny is starting to become less and less popular. I would much rather be strong than skinny. I believe a lot more women are becoming role models for healthy and strong, not skinny little bitches.

Take a look at these pics. Which do you prefer. The top pic is actress Tara Reid ( and the bottom is Jessica Biel ( The struggle is real. Tara has struggled her whole career. Jessica has maintained health and strength in spite of the Hollywood pressure. I prefer STRONG. Let’s make strong mainstream and stop chasing skinny!!



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