Four Years Of Recipes

I can’t believe that on October 1st, it will be four years that The Underground Private Training Studio has been open.  It has been an amazing, challenging and fulfilling experience.  I absolutely love doing this. When I first started training I remember reading an article about programming. I wish I could remember who wrote it, but for the life of me, I can’t. The cool and interesting thing about this article was how it compared training and programming to a recipe. For the first few years a person would follow a recipe, just as you would for baking cookies. Next up would be altering the recipes slightly. Finally, the next phase would be to create your own recipes. It is so true in training. I remember doing so much research (which I still do) to help me understand and be able to give my clients the best training I can. I found a few other trainers I trusted and believed in to initially help me out. I worked and worked to figure out how to do this thing called training people and I can proudly say that for the most part I now create my own “recipes.”

I have been so fortunate to have the best clients. I could not make this work without them and am eternally grateful to each and every client who has trusted me with their fitness needs. Thank you for four wonderful years.


A Little Experiment…gone weird

So remember my coffee experiment? It didn’t quite go as planned (like anything does). Tayler and I went to visit my sister so I drank coffee still, even though I planned on none for that week. I didn’t overdo it, just still drank it. Got back into bulletproof coffee. Love that stuff! This week I am back to the one cup in the morning and have felt okay. This is the weird part. I have been craving sugar, candy, bread, cheese…ALL THE STUFF I DESPISE. What the hell? How weird is that? I also feel so crappy. The whole experiment has been slightly strange and weird, but very enlightening at the same time. I think I may be back to two cups a day to stave off those bizarre cravings. Off to make a bulletproof coffee and head back to work.