Rotate Your Tires

I was listening to a podcast the other night.  The guest was Will Chung. He and the host were talking about movement, working out, correctional exercises, everything along those lines and how to apply those things to bodybuilding (which was what that hat specific podcast was addressing).

One phrase that just stuck with me and which I could not stop thinking about was “rotate your tires.”  I just could not get it out of my mind.  I mean, seriously, what a concept.  I would hope that you rotate your tires on your car to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your tires and on your car.  So, as we apply that to ourselves, I mean, holy crap, what a concept!  Right?  Think about it, good movement patterns, moving with purpose, not keying in on one body part or one area of the body, and just expressing the art of you.  Such a great phrase. I absolutely love it.

I like to do that in my own training. I change things up a lot. I try not to focus on one area. I want full body work and fully body mobility and movement patterns. I want to be able to move without pain. I want to be able to function without pain. I want to be able to express myself.

So, change it up. Practice movement. Rotate YOUR tires.


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