Sinister Saturday

First Saturday of the new bootcamp.  Week one down.  They are doing great.  Swings are starting to shape up.  I truly love what I do!!!

I also did an invite only “Sinister Saturday” group today.  I will start doing these more often when the bootcamp is meeting, because it is fun.

This is what SINISTER SATURDAY looked like today:

After warmup and mobility everyone picked double  bells for the movements.  I was happy to see that everyone picked challenging bells for all the movements.  That makes me happy.

the ladder went 1-5 and then start back over at 1 when done with the 5.  If we would had gone back down that is a pyramid and today we were laddering…for 15 minutes




start with 1 rep of each, then 2 reps of each and so on up to 5 reps of each.  Rest as much as needed, but not too much.  Nobody took advantage of the rest.  They kicked ass.

Then for a little break from swings the next section went like this:

20 swings          5 jumping jacks

15 swings          10 jumping jacks

10 swings          15 jumping jacks

5 swings             20 jumping jacks

Finish back to a ladder

We finished with a 1 hand swing ladder

1 hand swings laddering up to 10

SO    1 swing R then L, 2 swings R then L, 3 swings R then L and so on up to 10.

They did AMAZING!!!

Ladders are a great way to build strength, power and to progress.  Not to mention a helluva metabolic workouts, as witnessed with the 1 hand swing ladders the ladies did.  Ladders are hard, but so effective.  A true example of pure fatigue and extreme discomfort.  Here is a pic of the after effects.


My Training for Today

Two naps – that was my training for today (sorry Heidi).  I am feeling extremely tired.  First nap was 30 minutes and next one was 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I will listen to my body and take the rest.  The training can wait another day.  I obviously need to take it easy.  So I am going to enjoy the rest of my day and I will not feel guilty about not training today.  It works for me.


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