So…I Went To The Dentist Today

I went to the dentist last week to get a checkup and cleaning.  I’ve been a slacker with my teeth and haven’t been there for a while, possibly years. Now I get to go every three months for cleanings for a while.  Some bone loss.  Sucks.  They also found a filling that had cracked and so that needed to get replaced.  The reason I haven’t been to the dentist for a while (okay years) is because the last time I could feel everything when I was getting a crown.  I didn’t want to feel anything and it slightly pissed me off.

So I go to my appointment. I really wasn’t nervous and my new dentist is awesome.  I think I will keep her. They set me up in the chair and she explained what was going to happen.  I’m cool.  No problem.  She puts a topical number or “numbing jelly” on my upper gum to duh, numb the gum.  It was some green gunk on a q-tip looking thing.  Oh, they also put these “cool” sunglasses on supposedly so you don’t get teeth gunk and water and stuff like that all over your face and in your eyes.  Very nice touch…seriously.  I secretly think it is so you don’t see what is coming next, such as a giant fricking needle that is going to shoot Novocaine or some other sort of numbing medicine into my gum. I caught the contraption out of the corner of my eye.  I think she was hiding it behind her back.  Figures.  Paybacks are a bitch.  I have been killing her with kettlebells for a while, so I guess it is only fair.  I’m sure the needle was HUGE – like this!!novoneedle

She should have done this.  She sure looks happy.


So, she does everything and I feel nothing, just as planned and just as I wanted!!  I was so happy.  I felt extremely numb.  LIKE I AM SUPPOSED TO FEEL.  In and out in 30 minutes.  Awesome.  The numbness wore off a few hours later and I seriously do not feel like I had anything done at all.  Very happy about that.  I like the dentist again.  Thanks Jamie!

Words Sting and Words Heal

Whoever said “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is full of crap.  Seriously…Long story short, my brother and I are a year apart.  When we were in junior high, I remember thinking he was so cool…the greatest thing ever…I totally looked up to him and adored him.  Fast forward…my brother and I are a year apart.  We really don’t talk to each other than much and pretty much grew apart as adults.  When my sister was here visiting recently, we went down to his place of work to drop off some hats from my sister’s husband.  We walked back into his office and he looked at me and said what is wrong with your hair and then turned his nose up at me because of my tattoos.  I let it bother me for a few days.  It just makes me sad.  But at the same time, I will always stick up for him and defend him.

On Friday I stopped at Walgreen’s to get a few things.  As I was standing in line, I noticed the worker was kind of overweight and quite big.  I felt kind of bad for her.  She had a very nice voice and was really pleasant and friendly.  As I was checking out, she said, “I’m sorry, but OH MY GOD, you are sooooo cool looking.”  I thought that was really nice of her.  I was sure she was going to comment on my tattoos, but guess what?  The next thing out of her mouth,  “I LOVE your hair!”  And there you have it.  Sting and Heal.

Choose your words wisely.

Always have a Plan B and Chicken in the Ditch

Plan B

So…. my sister is flying in tomorrow from New Mexico.  So…guess what?  They canceled her flight from Denver to Pierre.  Lovely…  Our Plan B–I drive to Rapid and we stay at a hotel and then get our regularly scheduled tattoos Friday.  Plan B is me driving to Rapid and us staying in Rapid Thursday night. I will have to take her back to Rapid on Tuesday for her flight out, but that’s okay.  I am thankful we can have a Plan B. I am thankful I don’t have to drive any further.

Chicken in the Ditch

Usually on my way home I usually just zone out and wind down from the day.  Today was a little different.  I ran over a dead skunk’s tail and got to smell skunk for a few miles.  Did you know that skunk kind of smells like some really strong fresh ground coffee beans.  I know!  So there was that and then as I got to the top of the dam and was passing the Oahu Chapel, something caught my eye at the turn off to the beach by the intakes.  I thought it was one of those disgusting turkey vultures.  As I got closer, I saw red on the head and then a beautiful kind of brown metallic color.  A fricking chicken.  What the hell?  How weird is that?  I looked all over for more, but it was just one.  It reminded me of the commercial where the chicken travels all over and just sends selfies to the owners.

Yesterday’s Quickie Workout

I only had about 20 minutes before clients, so I set up three different bells and did 10 swings and 5 squats at each bell and then moved on to the next and finally the third.  Set the timer for 15 minutes and rocked it out.  Felt Good!

Today's training (July 13)

I was a lazy ass this weekend and ate pizza.. And I am perfectly fine with it. It was worth the gut ache. So yummy!

Warm up –rocking, crawling, rolling 

Five rounds

Deadlifts -5

Double press – 5


Racked carries – 4 passes

Body weight up/down, 5/5

100 rope skips

Double swings – 15

100 rope skips


Today's Training (July 7, 2015) and Holy Crap My Clients Are Amazing!!

First things first…my kettlebell clients ROCK.  My 6:30 a.m., group (Melissa, Sara and Larissa) killed it this morning.  We tested 1RM presses.  Amazing!!!  Melissa – 30 pounds; Sara 16kg, which is 35 pounds and Larissa, 20kg, which is 44 pounds!!!  So, so proud.  So motivated by these strong women.

Today’s Training

Four Rounds

10 double swings

5/5 snatch

5/5 cleans

5/5 stationary lunge

5/5 press

10 double swings


6 passes racked walks, 3 passes OH and 3 passes racked.

Felt great.  Felt strong today!


Today's Training (July 6, 2015)

I cannot believe it is July already. Where is the summer going?

I actually trained a few times that didn’t get documented. Been a little busy.

We had ninja turtle Annistyn’s birthday party on the 3rd. Her real birthday is the 9th. Anyway she loaded up on Ninja Turtle paraphernalia. I love that she is such a tom boy.

Also, yesterday Rory boy turned 8 months old. So adorable.

Now for today’s workout. I adapted my own version of a swing workout I saw online.

Four rounds

Swings – 10
Press – 1/1
Swings – 15
Press – 2/2
Swings – 25
Press – 3/3

On the next round the presses were squats; on the third round the presses were chin ups and the fourth round was this:

Swings – 10
Press – 3/3
Swings – 15
Squats – 3
Swings – 25
Chin ups – 1

followed by dead buy same side 10/10 and the opposite sides 10/10 and then a good stretch.