The Prompt: Where Do You Go When You Need Solitude

Where do you go when you need solitude?


When I was in high school, the teen angst was real. I had a thinking spot. Actually, Mary and I had a thinking spot. A solitude spot. This was the place we would go when we needed space. This was where we went when we wanted to just sit and not have to think about anything. We got our Big Gulps and our Bazooka bubble gum and headed out on 1804 to the dam. We would pull in at the chapel and just sit. We brought our cassette player with our mix tapes so we could play our music and think. Sometimes we would see how many pieces of Bazooka we could fit in our mouths. We did crap like that. We went there a lot. I went there a lot by myself too.

Every once in a while…I do it now too. I think the last time was about a month ago. I pulled in there on my way home. It’s convenient because I live on 1804 now and my thinking spot is close to my house. When I stopped the last time, I pulled into the parking area, turned off the car, rolled down my window and just listened. I let my thoughts just go. I took deep breaths and  contemplated things.

Every once in a while that solitude is needed.