journal entry – april 16, 2020

Today’s random thoughts — April 16, 2020

The silence is loud. The only things I hear are the furnace, the birds and the words in my head. The words are formed but not in any readable order. They are just there, rolling around and banging into each other, waiting their turn to appear on the page. 

I’m at home lying on the couch, thinking I need a nap. The dogs are outside in their houses and the cat is beside me softly purring. 

It’s cold outside today. I walked up the driveway to the mailbox and the chill was obvious. My nose was cold when I got back in the house a minute later. 

I stopped to look at the tulips making their way out of the ground. They were covered in frost. I’m excited to see how they mature. 

My day is full, yet I don’t want to start. Procrastination equals stress. I am aware. 

It’s cloudy and dreary. I crave the sunshine. 

I worked on the puzzle that has been started on the dining room table. It’s been there since Saturday. Little by little, piece by piece, step by step. 

Also like life. Action gets things done. Also like a puzzle. Action creates momentum. Momentum creates consistency. Consistency creates results.

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