We only have so much time. We only have so many opportunities. Do we take them? Do we really take them? Do we even see them? Or do we just keep blaming and being negative when things don’t go our way or we don’t get what we want? 

A friend of mine showed me a YouTube clip the other day of Jocko Willink. It was amazing. It really makes a person think. He talked about how a friend of his would come up and talk to him about a problem he was having or when something wasn’t going his way and Jocko would say, “good.” 

Something didn’t go your way or you didn’t get a promotion or you didn’t get something new. Good. You learned. Something bad happened? Good. Something good will come from it. You were faced with unexpected problems? Good. It gives you the opportunity to figure out a solution. You figure out how to get better. 

This was such a good message from Jocko. A positive message. There is so much negativity around and so much blame. Take responsibility for yourself. Take responsibility for your actions. Pull yourself up from the depths of your self pity. Change your attitude and make a change.

The next time you feel yourself spiraling into the self-pity mode and the feeling sorry for yourself mode, think of that one word…Good and then make that little mindset shift and see what happens. It will be Good!