Is It Special Enough?

Is it special enough? 

Only you know the answer to that. 

Let’s say you have your set macros, or even if you are counting calories, you have your set number of calories. That is your budget for the day. That is what you get to spend on food today, on eating today. But then someone invites you over for lunch or supper, or if you call it dinner, call it dinner. This person is making an over-the-top meal. It’s a meal you really love. Now here’s the rub. Do you eat it? Is it a special occasion or just an occasion. Is it special enough? 

See the thing here is, you are the one who decides if something is special enough. This is your transformation journey. This is your lifestyle journey. So what makes something special enough? Ask yourself. 

Is it your birthday? A holiday? Sure, these days are special. Is it your grandma’s chocolate cake or is it iHop pancakes? You decide the specialness and you decide if you are going to go off plan for it. Most of the time you can work something in to your day. 

Is your special really special enough though? That is where you have to do a little digging. Because honestly, we could say every weekend something we encounter is special. What happens then? What happens when you over eat every single weekend, because you deem something special? 

I think it’s kind of a fine line. You could make the argument even every single day is special. But, you signed up for a lifestyle change. You signed up for a transformation. You signed up because something, probably specialness, got you where you are in the first place. 

Let’s say that this over-the-top meal meets your specialness criteria, do you just go all out and eat as much as your can? No, you don’t. You eat within reason. This is what you have learned from your journey. You don’t eat all the food. You eat some of the food. You keep yourself in check. You don’t eat like an asshole. 

To me, I don’t consider very many days special enough. This year Thanksgiving was. I didn’t track, but I by no means went overboard. My birthday, I worked in angel food cake. I stay pretty balanced for all days. Once you get that mindset going of realizing you can eat anything, just not as much of it as you used to, it makes things way, way easier. Then, once you start seeing results it is so motivating, you just want to keep going. 

I encourage you to keep going. Decide what is special for you, just don’t make it every weekend. Don’t use it as an excuse to overeat. Sometimes we do things like that. When you find yourself in the specialness situation, ask yourself if it’s special enough. 

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