blame it on the alcohol

I get writing inspiration from my clients all the time. This morning one of my clients and I were talking about things. We always talk about things. A full range of things. I love talking to her. She’s one of my favorite people in the whole world. We go deep. Today’s topics included peeing while doing jumping things, dairy products, men, friends, and alcohol. We solved a lot of the world’s problems in 30 minutes. A constant that we always end up talking about though is nutrition and body image and how messed up things are in the world regarding body image and why we are so effed up because of society’s expectations of us. We re-hashed my email that had gone out the day before about scale weight and how that whole fiasco messes with everyone’s heads. I hope you got my email. It was a little bit of a rampage.

We moved on to more things and we started talking about alcohol. We both agreed that it probably isn’t the best thing for us and it probably holds us back from some of our goals regarding fitness and even aesthetics. Maybe even life. We also talked about cutting it out for 30 days to see what happens. It can only be a good thing, right?

I’m not saying we can’t ever have alcohol, but instead of saying, “Shit, I had a bad day, I need a drink,” maybe we should save it for a special occasion and have a few glasses of wine at a graduation or at a wedding or someplace like that. Dial it down. We can still live our lives and not feel deprived.

We all have one in our bodies— a dial, a volume button, a governor, a switch, a tuner. You know, the turn it on up or dial it down controller. Every single one of us has that. How we choose to use it is up to us. Maybe we need to dial down our consumption.

But hey I get it. I like a nice glass of wine. I can go in spurts. But if I am drinking quite a bit of wine, I make sure that I am getting my sweat on to get rid of those toxins from it. Let’s face it, alcohol isn’t the most nutritious thing we can put in our bodies, and put in our bodies consistently. There are studies about wine and breast cancer, and I am sure about alcohol and cancer in general. The pic is a book about this very thing. It is amazing. It is SUPER science-y. Just saying. It’s not an easy read.

And about that bad day thing, we wondered when society or our lives became so messed up that if we had a bad day we NEEDED to have a drink. It’s actually kind of sad that we use that as an excuse to drink. And seriously, why can’t we cope with life. What emotions are we trying to mask or hide that we can’t deal with, without alcohol. It’s very interesting, I think. But people also do the same thing with food. The overeating, the undereating, the control, the no control. There is always some way that we try to escape reality. Alcohol, food or even shopping. Dig deep enough and you WILL find it.

All in all, it is your choice how you live your life. It’s your choice how you regulate that governor in your body. It’s your choice how your drink your drinks and eat your eats and shop your shops.

We may start a Facebook page and do a 30 day dry challenge. Hit me up if you want in. If I get enough of us we will do exactly that. Who knows what we might learn about ourselves. It might be pretty eye-opening.

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