Why do numbers affect us so much? Specifically, the number on the scale. A little comparison. The scale weight usually pisses us off. The calories burned during a workout on the treadmill, usually make us happy. Both numbers don’t reflect the truth.

I mean look at the scale. If you don’t know by now that the scale is a total mind fuck then crawl out from under the covers and listen up. Scale weight does not tell the whole story. You could weigh 160 pounds, but not look overweight. You could weigh 160 pounds and look extremely overweight. The numbers are weird. You have to take into account, muscle to fat ratio, hormones, binge eating, water weight, or even bloat. On any given day your weight can have huge flucuations. Weigh yourself in the morning and then weigh yourself at night. See what I mean. We get so bent out of shape about this number. We let it define us. But why? We need to get over it. It truly is just a number. Don’t sweat it. In the big picture of life, really, how important is that number? I think most of us have better things to occupy our time. Our careers, our families, our lives!! Right?

Buuuut, then look at the treadmill. Today my calories burned was 598. Woo Hoo! Right? Ummm, not so fast. Another number that does not show the whole picture. The calorie burn shown on a treadmill or cardio machine can fluctuate just as much as scale weight. You have to take into account gender, age, weight, and fitness level. This is just a rough estimate of how many calories a person has burned. Obviously, the more details you put in the more accurate it will be, but for the most part it is just a rough guess.

Just like the scale. We know weight should not define us. Just as how many calories were burned during a workout should not define us.

Why do we continue to let these numbers affect us? We hop on the scale and if the number isn’t what we wanted we let it ruin our whole day. Why? Could it be because we have been conditioned to define our worth by the number on the scale? We equate a specific number with being fat. We equate a specific number with being a failure. Every body is different and everybody looks different at a certain weight. You’ve seen those pictures were it shows six or eight women and they all weigh 150 pounds. And not one of them looks like the other. The weight doesn’t mean shit. How do your clothes fit? How do you feel overall? If you are eating right and exercising regularly and your clothes are not fitting any differently, eff that number on the scale. However, if there are things going on that just aren’t adding up, you may need to go see your healthcare provider. But, overall, I am betting that you are just fine.

Find ways to measure your fitness other than the scale. Like I said before, how your clothes fit, how well you sleep, what about stress levels? Measure these things instead and let that scale weight go!

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