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So, this past weekend I flew to Dallas, Texas, for the PCC workshop.  I have been looking forward to this for a while. I was excited that my friend from Level 2 Kettlebell Cert was going to be there.  In fact we roomed together, which was really nice.  It is great to have company.  I have not been feeling the greatest for the past few weeks and found out that  my iron levels are extremely low, so I was nervous about how the weekend was going to go.

I arrived in Dallas on Thursday, and Rene and I met at the airport.  We stayed in Garland at the Holiday Inn Express.  Very nice hotel.  We hit the grocery store and then grabbed some supper.  I didn’t sleep the greatest in anticipation of the day to come.

My buddy Rene – We look ready, no?  She rocks, by the way!


Friday – Up for breakfast and then we head to Rockwall, to Britt’s Training Systems.  Greeted by Mr. Britt himself.  So nice to see him again.  I was a little disappointed he had no bullet proof coffee.  He apologized.  LOL.  I survived.  Soon the Kavadlo Brothers and the man, Mr. John Du Cane, himself arrived.  It was great to finally meeting Mr. Du Cane.  Such a nice man.


The Kavadlo Brothers were so personable and fun to be around.  Introductions ensued and we got started.

We started with the push up module.  We learned all kinds of different push up variations.  Fun Times.  Here is a pic of my archer pushup.  Getting there.


The next module consisted of the pull-ups.  Who knew there were so many variations.  It was fun.  Then moved on to muscle ups.  It is amazing how strong everyone is.  Next up was Al with the story of how he got involved in calisthenics.  Great story.

End of Day 1


Everyone was much more relaxed, yet ready to work.  Still no bulletproof coffee.  It really is okay.

And we squat.  Tons of squat variations.  Pistols are fun.


Bridges were next.  More fun.


Moving on to ab work and levers.  Who knew?  So many options.  So much fun.


End of Day 2


Of course the nerves start right away in the morning.  Everyone starts to get anxious for the testing.

First up was more lever work.  Way cool.  Danny and Al and Robby are all AMAZINGLY strong.


Moving on to headstands and handstands. Another fun module.  Everyone pretty much nailed this stuff.

Danny then went over programming and then it was time for lunch.  Don’t eat too much.  Testing is coming right up.

After lunch everyone was pacing and stretching and stretching and pacing.  It was actually so typical and so funny to watch.

We all did it.  No escaping the nerves.

It was time.  It was announced that Al would start with the guys and Danny would take the girls.  Who wants to go first?  Of course I raised my hand.  Let’s do it.  1, 2. 3. GO – 40 squats, 30 push ups, 20 hanging knee raises, 10 Aussie pull ups.  DONE – PASSED- YES!!!!


And… The Group Shot – HA


I got to spend the night and next day with very important people.  Rebecca and Breck.  We went to the park and the museum and the giant tower where you can see the whole city.  Got to eat from a food yeah!!!  We also went to Whole Foods, which had a BAR.  Seriously.  We got to drink and grocery shop!!  So much fun.  I love them.  We had so much fun.  They even set me up with a date for the evening.  He was waiting in my bed!  His name is Cal.


IMG_0443 IMG_0470

What should be next.  Time to lean out a little and to build my blood iron levels back up.  Still tired…and so it goes.

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