I've Lost My Super Powers and The Saddest Thing I Have Seen In A Long, Long Time

So, I have been feeling “off” for the past few weeks, maybe a little longer.  I told John something was just not right.  I went and had blood drawn and found out my blood’s iron levels were extremely low, as in possible transfusion low.  WTF??  No wonder I just want to sleep all the time and have been feeling generally like crap.  I have PCC next week and am worried about being able to endure the three days of intense training and the century test.  The problem with the low iron is that it can mess with a lot of things, one being the heart. Because the blood and oxygen are trying to do their thing the heart has to work extra hard to do the job. So I need to take it easy.  It can take up to three months for my iron levels to get back to normal.  I am taking iron supplements and am trying to eat foods that are high in iron, such as greens, eggs, prunes, etc.  One of my clients also suggested chlorophyl, which is a great idea.  I believe I have some on hand too, so will start taking that as well.  I have a constant dull headache and whenever I walk up the stairs at my house I can feel my heartbeat in my head.  Very weird.  I feel like I lost my super powers.  Sucks.  Loading up on probiotic products as well.  My pineapple water kefir tastes AMAZING!!



Caveat – This might offend some people; however, I am not judging anyone, and if someone does get offended, well then…

The other day a person came to work out at the studio.  Not my client.  She brought her child, who was probably around 10 years old.  Absolutely adorable.  I was training my client and was constantly distracted by this child.  Not because the child was  misbehaving or being disruptive, but because of what the child was eating.  I was sickened by this to the point of telling my client about it.  I was so sad.  It was so unfair to this kid.  I wanted to scream.  People/parents need to wake up and realize what is happening to their children.  They need to be diligent in how they care for their children.  Again, I am not judging.  It is the world we live in.  I want so bad for people to start changing this.  I bet you are wondering what was going on.  I can still picture this child’s face in my mind…the blank, spaced out stare, and then the fidgeting and playing with a hoodie string and getting a little agitated.  This kid sat there,  in a fitness facility mind you, and ate a bag of Cheetos.  Chester Cheeto.  The cool cat.  Full of all kinds of dyes and preservatives and zero nutrition.  A giant Butterfinger candy bar.  Full of sugar and who knows what else.  AND a giant bottle of Dr. Pepper.  I am sure this was this child’s supper.  I wanted to cry.  I felt so bad for the kid.  I am truly sickened by the “convenience” products that we are putting into our bodies and the bodies of our children.  Please, please, please take the time to make your child healthy food.  It is amazing how much better they function and how many fewer health problems they will have.  Rant over.

Time for a nap.

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