Testing Out The Allergies With Today's Training (March 31, 2015)

It is a beautiful day today, 63 degrees, sunny and little wind.  Perfect day to test out the spring tree allergies.  I have using my DoTerra TriEase allergy blend and so far have not been having the usual itching, puffy eyes and general feeling like shit.  So today’s workout was the test.  Outside for the workout.  Here’s how it went down:

Five Rounds

Macebell slams on the tire –  5/5 (did last two sets 10/10)

Tire Flips – 6

Tire Jumps  – 5  (jump into the middle of the tire and then out the other end (that’s one) turn around and jump back in the middle and out the other end),

Incline pushups on the tire -5  (did one set of decline)

this is the first time I have used my macebell and I loved it!



Five rounds of 30/10 jump rope

followed by powdered Vitamin C and stretching.

Happy to report no allergies symptoms at all!!! Yay!!! Thanks TriEase


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