SMART Summer Program – Registration Is Closed

Summer. Ah, the warmth, the fun, the social.
Enrollment is now open for the SMART Summer Group Coaching Program. Enrollment closes Sunday, June 12th at noon. 
One of the things I hear most from women is they struggle with the idea that they can’t enjoy their summers, unless they have a “beach” body or a “summer” body.
First of all, we all have a body. Second, you don’t need a beach body or a summer body. You can change if you want, and it’s okay to want to. But, the idea that you need to is a whole other story.
I have talked to so many women who feel fat, or weak or tired and are sick of trying to lose weight to get that beach body or that summer body. But you know what? It’s summer and who wants to try to constantly be losing weight when you are cooking out, or boating or camping and living your summer life?
I felt obligated to create the SMART summer coaching program. I felt obligated to create a program that addresses these concerns. I get it, it’s been drilled down deep into our brains. But I want it to stop. Instead of trying to lose weight this summer, this program helps you not gain weight this summer.
Enter the SMART Summer Program – 
In these 8 weeks you are going to learn how to navigate through your summer without the weight gain. You are going to be able to enjoy your summer without feeling like you can’t ever stay on track. You will be able to navigate summer events with confidence. You will learn how to feel okay with your food choices. You will feel in control of your life.
In these 8 weeks, you will feel strong, you will have more energy and focus. You will feel in control and you will be able to trust yourself around food. BUT at the same time, you will be able to enjoy your summer without deprivation and without guilt. 
This program is designed so you can enjoy your summer, yet still have accountability. The program begins June 20th.
This program is an accountability program and so much more…
This is a brand new fitness and accountability program to help you build and keep your strength workouts going during the summer, which in turn will generate more muscle and allow you to be consistent with your training. The workouts are 3x per week 20 minutes max. All you need is a pair of dumbbells.
I am challenging you to not gain weight this summer, but to maintain or even lose a few pounds. I don’t want you obsessing over workouts and food and not be able to live your life.
All workouts are 20 minutes or less and you will just need a pair of dumbbells. That’s it. Make the promise to yourself this summer that you are going to live your life, yet also manage your time in order to stay accountable to yourself.
The SMART summer program is the ultimate solution to keeping you compliant and accountable and still be able to live that summer life.
S – Stength
M – Mindset/Motivation/Moderation
A – Accountablity
R – Relationships -food and yourself
T – Time Management
Strength – 3 – follow along workouts each week. These will be available on a private you tube channel. Each workout will be 20 minutes or less. I don’t want you to have to spend hours in the gym when you can be outside enjoying your summer. These short, but effective workouts are the perfect answer to summer and helping you stay on track with your strength training.
The workouts will also be provided in written form.
Mindset/Motivation/Moderation – Tons of mindset and motivation tips to help you feel more confident to navigate social situations.
Accountability – Part of the program is accountability. This is one of the most important aspects of this 8 week program. You must hold yourself accountable. I expect it. And you should too.
Relationships – You will be learning all about moderation during this 8 week program. You have the choice of how you want to eat, but I will be really helping you learn moderation and using those tools to help you level up your relationship with food and with yourself.
Time Management – You will learn all the tips and tricks for time management. Starting with those short workouts. We want to make sure to be able to enjoy the summer instead of slaving in the kitchen or in the gym.
A private FB group just for members. This will be used for accountability. If nothing else, you will pop in and comment on your day. It’s that easy. It takes two minutes every day.  I will be using the private FB group to deliver information and sometimes via email as well. Everything is done online.
I may offer some “pop up” lives or Zooms as well.
Take this summer to maintain instead of gain.
Who Am I?
I’m Peggie – I will be your coach through the next 8 weeks of this program, which starts June 20th.

And I’m so pumped to bring you the SMART Summer Coaching Program.


This program is going to help you stay accountable through the summer, when all you want to do is chill. You will have accountability and motivation to take you through the next 8 weeks. I expect you to show up. I expect you to participate. When you follow this program, you will not gain weight this summer. In fact, you may even lose a few pounds. The goal is to be able to live your life and still be accountable through the summer. I want you to succeed and I will do my best to see that you do. 


Over the last 12 years as a personal trainer, kettlebell instructor and nutrition coach, my own personal journey, as an overweight, tired-all-the-time, sleep deprived, amped up on caffeine and alcohol – and wishing for something else, has led me to this place. It’s led me to strength training in a way that gets results in minimal time. It has led me to a way of eating that lets me be in charge of how my body feels and what I notice with my body. I am moving towards the process of moderation.


After years and years of obsessive dieting and hours of exercise, I don’t want to be in the gym for hours and hours. I am moving towards the less is more model and this has allowed me to stay fit and lean into my 50s. 


I want you to have a life outside the gym! I want you to do things this summer that make you feel good. I want you to be able to accomplish these things in a short period of time. I want you to maintain, not gain this summer. The SMART Summer Coaching Program is just the program to accomplish that.


The SMART Summer Program was born out of the diet culture BS of thinking we need to have a beach body or a summer body. That’s just a bunch of garbage. Let’s have a great summer of not struggling. Let’s have a great summer of getting and staying strong while enjoying the summer.