Do you wish someone would tell you what to eat and tell you how to workout? Yeah. Me too. So I am doing it for us. This four week program, Nibbling and Gnawing - the food portion and Guts and Glutes, Grind and Groove - the workout portion of the program consist of made for you meals and made for you workouts. I hear you when you tell me you can't come up with a menu on your own. I hear you when you tell me you just want a workout to do. I am going to help you. Need a jump start? This is it. Need someone just to tell you what to do and what to eat? This is it. Need a little help? This is it. 

Nibbling and Gnawing - You will get 5 done for you menus. Four menus will be moderate calories - around 1600. Don't be afraid. Most of us don't eat enough calories. It will be okay. The other day is around 1800 calories. You will cycle through the menus and every 4th day you will eat the higher calorie menu. Make sense? Pretty simple. Men, you will add 300 to 400 calories to each menu. Ideally protein. These are not complicated meals. You will be in and out of the kitchen in no time. Because, seriously, who has time to spend in the kitchen. Not me. Not you. Super simple. Super fast. 

Guts and Glutes workouts will hit your upper and lower body. The first workouts of the week will be Guts - this will be an ab focused emphasis workout with upper body work as well. The Glutes workout, which will be workout #2, is butt and lower body focused. The workouts will be about 30 minutes long. 

Grind and Groove is next - this is your 3rd workout for the week. This workout will be a full body workout. Every inch of your body will be covered. Nothing missed. The workouts will be about 30 minutes long. 

Equipment Needed:  Medicine ball, dumbbells, stability ball, jump rope and small band that will go around your ankles.  

What's included:  The program will be delivered via PDF download.

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