Online Nutrition Coaching

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I am a change facilitator. I help people of all ages take back their bodies and their lives. I do this not by telling them what to eat, but showing them how to eat, so they never have to diet again. 

Ahhh, nutrition, such a fickle animal. Nutrition has been a passion of time since I was a teenager. I was the typical junk food junkie. My gymnastics pre-workout ritual was a Reese’s and a Coke. Wow. Great nutrition there. It became a passion (obsession) because I became overweight and very unhealthy. I developed an eating disorder when I was in high school. This affected my life for years after. I made the changes to live a healthier life.

Do you want to change? Do you really want to change? Are you just sick and tired of trying everything over and over again? 

You don’t have to constantly diet. Why are so many people on a diet again and again? Because they don’t work. Sure they work for a little while, but then a person feels so deprived and beaten down that they just go back to eating what they were eating before their big diet. I can help you change that. I can help you feel satisfied. You can have a lifestyle that is sustainable. Ditch the diet mentality. It’s not all or nothing. It’s not shaming yourself. 

I teach you how to eat macro style. But it’s not all I do. I take a look at the whole you and we decide together what is best for you. Sometimes it’s tracking calories and protein. Sometimes it’s tracking all macros. And even sometimes, it just slowing way down and relearning behaviors and habits.

Your plan will be individualized for you, not for Jane or Sally or Emily, unless your name is Jane or Sally or Emily. The plan you get is the plan to fit what you want. If you want to lose weight, gain weight or just be healthier, that’s what we will do. 

I will be with you every step of the way. I will help you improve your health and your quality of life. The whole you, not just part of you. 

Let me be your nutrition/accountability coach. I will help you overcome any obstacles in your way to finding your best self. I will give you the tools. You have to put them into practice. It’s not hard, but you will have to do some work. It’s not a magic pill. It’s not a magic potion. It’s eating real food. It’s eating whatever you want, within reason, of course. You are in control. You. You get to choose. Do you want to change, or do you want to stay stuck where you are year after year wondering why you can’t lose weight, or wondering why you can’t change? I will show you how to succeed.

Fill out the below form and I will get back to you within 48 hours and we can see if we would be a good fit.